A new study connects owning guns to being racist, the number of women packing heat surges, and the head of the Senate says he doesn’t have the votes for gun control. Also, a few self-defense stories worth noting.

1.) Guns and racism. A “new study” suggests that there is a link between gun ownership and racism among white people. As the NY Daily News puts it, the result of the study is basically that “racism and guns go together.” There’s really not much else to say on this one, except what you already knew; studies can show anything the people doing them want to show.

That aside, noted firearms expert John Lott has a damn fine piece out rebutting most of it. It’s probably more worth your time to check that out, honestly.

2.) Women and guns. Moving on, more concrete stats suggest that one in four US women are carrying firearms. I would like to highlight the following excerpt from the NBC12 story:

“They got less than $200. They shot her with a shotgun and walked out,” said Katherine.
The unsolved murder victimized the whole family. It wasn’t until Katherine met her husband that she decided to face her fear head on.
“We went out and we shot. And I felt so much stronger than I’d ever felt before,” said Katherine. “Like I didn’t have to be a victim. I didn’t have to become a statistic like my grandmother had to.”
More women than ever before are now packing heat. According to a Gallup Poll, in 2005, just 13% of women in the U.S. owned a gun. By 2011, 23% of women had a gun. That’s a 77% increase in just 7 years.
“I wanted to start carrying for my protection. My kid’s protection,” said stay-at-home Louisa County mom Erin Albert.
Erin has two young boys. She’s shot guns all her life, owned them for years but only recently got a permit to conceal carry.
“Women can’t protect themselves as well without that force,” said Erin. “Without that gun… I mean, you’re on an equal playing ground if you have that gun,” said Albert.

Would love to see that rationalized, honestly.

3.) Politics. In the Democrat-controlled Senate, there apparently aren’t enough votes to pass gun control. Interestingly, there’s also a note on CNN this week about Obamacare making Democrats nervous, so take from that what you will. Elections are wonderful, aren’t they?

Meanwhile, we have the elections in Virginia. What is being talked about is the election of a man under 2 federal investigations. What ISN’T is that the Legislature is deadlocked, and Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns lost another round of elections despite throwing millions of dollars at them.

Personally, I still want guns to be the central issue. But whatever gets the party most apt to try and pass gun control is fine with me.

4.) Stand Your Ground. Back in October, we had Ted Cruz’s excellent speech on Stand Your Ground as it related (or rather, as it didn’t relate) to the Zimmerman case, then we had Jesse Jackson’s lawsuit here in Georgia. Now we have news from Florida where an attempt to change the State’s Stand Your Ground law was soundly rejected by a House Committee. Florida’s SYG, of course, was center stage during the Zimmerman case, despite both never being a defense he made and not even applying to the case on any level to start with.

In other barely-related-to-Zimmerman news, a story out of WESH in Orlando says that the city of Sanford will allow neighborhood watch groups to carry guns despite the case.

5.) Self-Defense Shootings. There’s a ludicrous story in Guns Save Lives this week about the family of armed robbery suspects who were killed trying to rob someone wanting “justice” for the killings. Apparently he “took the law into his own hands” by defending himself.

6.) Look ahead. It’s always good to look at what anti-gunners don’t want to talk about, and how they define things. For example, the election in Virginia is a “victory” yet the Colorado recall is barely referenced. Also, there’s a new term somehow entering the vernacular. For whatever reason, pro-gunners who organize counter-protests at anti-gun events are now referred to as “gun bullies.” It’s a name that is equal parts completely overdramatic, presumptuous, and more than a little embarrassing. But, although I believe this was the purpose of the protest, it does show the main crux of the anti-gun argument; paranoia and emotion. The mere presence of guns is intimidating; an idea based on presuming the intent of its carrier. The concept of “peaceful armed protest” is apparently completely impossible.

That, and we have finally reached the point where “you big bully” is the high point of a political movement. It shouldn’t be that hard to see why the anti-gun movement is grasping at whatever victory it can to maintain its dwindling relevance.

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