NOLATAC posted two stories this week on their Facebook page in a small effort to put to rest the concept of “it can’t happen here.” Alongside a story about a disabled man who was beaten and robbed, NOLATAC wrote the following:

Watch it. This is the world we live in. These are the kinds of “people” who walk among us. Let it sink in. Watch it twice. Imagine the kind of person it takes to victimize someone like this. It literally turns my stomach. You can close your eyes and say “this is a shame” or “this doesn’t happen here”, but that does not change the reality that it in fact DOES happen everywhere to varying degrees. The world is constantly changing, and you either adapt to account for that change or you become a victim of that change. You cannot pick the moment when violence choses to make you a victim. All you can control is how prepared you are to deal with it.

The second story, focused on a gang shooting a 25-year-old man and his 7-month-old son. NOLATAC wrote

More news from NOLA about why you need to always be prepared to defend yourself. Unfortunately, based on the common trend here, there is probably more to the story such as the “victim” was targeted due to drug or gang activity, as if the two were mutually exclusive around here.
However, what if you were caught in the crossfire? Are you armed?
What if the car lost control and started coming into your lane? Have you had driver’s training?
What if you were hit by a stray bullet or a collision due to this incident? Do you have the medical training and equipment in your car to stop a gunshot wound or massive bleeding due to a car accident?
We often say “let the animals kill themselves”, but the problem is that when sharks get in a feeding frenzy, they often become blind to what they are actually biting at. the same is true for a pack of wild dogs. Sometimes when the animals attack each other, we happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
We live in a world where there is no honor among criminals . They do not care who they hurt or kill to “get mine”, no matter how insignificant “their’s” might happen to be. Well, I am all about “getting mine” too. I am all about getting my tomorrow and getting my family home safely.
I pray every day that I am never caught in the middle of one of these incidents, but I am realistic enough to know the chance exists, and I do everything I can to prepare myself and those around me to come out the other end as well as when we entered.

I bring this up before getting to the news to springboard off the close of Midnight Run: Sheepdog. We may not like it (and antis certainly don’t) but news stories like the two above, and countless others serve as reminders of the state of the world we live in. Stories like this have value in that respect, and in a way can serve as motivation for training in the fields of self-defense and first aid.

With that in mind, let’s look at the rest of the gun news. This week, foreign governments warn their Citizens about some American cities, Dems attempt to deflect from Obamacare by way of gun control, and the two students in the Gonzaga University story speak out on FOX News.

1.) Warning. Just as our State Department puts out warnings about traveling to certain countries, other governments do the same with certain areas of ours. The Washington Post listed sixteen of these cities, which include New Orleans, Atlanta (which I can vouch for), Houston, and Chicago. None of which should come as a surprise to any of you. All I can say is this: avoid the area around Underground Atlanta. Ironically, that is walking distance from the Capitol building.

2.) Deflection. It’s no secret at this point that Obamacare is a huge failure. They bet on a skeptical public to take a chance because of the mandate and it just didn’t happen. Now, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi have introduced a universal background check bill seemingly out of nowhere. Of course, the bill has almost no chance of getting through Congress, but it is a show of desperation. That tactic is pretty much dead in this age of instant information.

3.) Gonzaga. The two Gonzaga University students who used a gun on campus to scare an intruder (they didn’t fire, mind you) were on FOX News this week. The school responded by placing both students on probation for the remainder of the year. Going by the NRA’s unfortunately-titled “Outrage of the Week” segment (outrage is now a weekly thing now….wonderful), the University returned the guns to the students and is “reviewing” its firearm policy in the face of national backlash.

4.) Pittsburgh. In another Armed Citizen story this week, three pseudo-gangstas attempted to rob a delivery driver of chicken wings using a fake gun. According to local NBC affiliate WPXI, the driver pulled out his concealed handgun in response. The three living stereotypes fled the scene, but two were found later eating those wings on a street corner. The third suspect was arrested in Ohio. No idea how he got there.

5.) Education. Finally tonight, news from Texas A&M. A supposed law professor, Mary Margaret Penrose, told a “gun violence symposium” that it was time to “repeal and replace the Second Amendment.” Leaving aside the irony of a law professor ignoring the foundation of American law, Penrose makes a bizarre states-rights argument; stating that it “allows those of you who want to live in a state with very loose restrictions to do so.” Breitbart notes that she advocates redrafting the entire US Constitution in her classes.

Not something that gives one hope for the next generation of lawyers, is it?

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