A bill for treating CCW permits like drivers licenses, Colorado Dems feel the heat from Magpul’s departure, and gun sales smash all previous records in 2013. Great week in firearms. Many thanks to The Armed Novelist for helping gather some of this week’s news.

1.) Chicago. Turns out the city not only banned carrying handguns, but also selling them in the first place. A recent US District Court ruling, however, struck the ban down as unconstitutional. This is, of course, a follow-up to the defeat of anti-gun efforts to prevent the State as a whole from allowing concealed carry.

Slowly but surely, fellow gunners.

2.) Candor. Moms Demand Action reacted to the ruling and, in the process, accidentally laid out their real agenda to go after both legal guns and ilegal ones over time. In a statement, the group said that they were “shocked that in a densely populated city struggling to keep children safe from gunfire, the court has dealt a serious blow to public safety by essentially encouraging more citizens to arm themselves.” The idea of defending yourself in an urban hellhole is, apparently, a bad thing. MDA stated that they agree with Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, who stated that “we need stronger gun safety laws, not increased access to firearms within the city.”

3.) Magpul Aftermath. Democrats in Colorado are taking heat for forcing Magpul out of the State. Republican state Rep. Lori Saine said “the magazine ban did not garner one Republican vote in the House or Senate, and now as a result of this one-sided, Democrat-sponsored law, more than 200 people will lose their jobs and their ability to provide for their families.

Magpul moved their operations to Texas and Wyoming after Colorado passed the magazine limits among other things in a large gun control package.

4.) 2014. Under the impression that he still has credibility, Mark Kelly, the husband of former AZ Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, said that his PAC, Americans for Responsible Solutions, is looking at countering the efforts of the so-called “gun lobby” in 2014, and that they have raised $11 million in this effort. He says the PAC has become a “significant force” in the debate. Also of note is the almost expected statement of We’re gun owners. Gabby’s from Arizona, I was in the military. We feel strongly that people should have the right to own a gun. Those rights should not extend to criminals, abusers or the seriously mentally ill.”

5.) CCW in Georiga. On Monday, Georgia’s State Legislature begins the 2014 session. CCW on Campus, a holdover from last year, is expected to get another look this year and stands a fairly good chance of passing. (The previous effort failed not due to a lack of support, but a lack of time.) Despite anti-gun propaganda, it is worth noting that this would extend the right to those who have permits to start with.

I look forward to providing the best coverage I can of the issue. Keeping my ear to the ground for rallies, hearings, and eventual votes.

6.) CCW Everywhere, A pro-gun bill introduced by a Texas (naturally) Senator would allow CCW permits to be treated like drivers licenses, allowing permit holders to carry in any state that also has a permit system in place. The bill is slated to be formally introduced on Monday.

7.) Record breakers. Finally this week, as predicted, 2013 was a banner year for gun sales, smashing previous records in terms of the sheer number of background checks performed. Of course, background checks alone are a miserable indicator of gun sales, as more than one gun can be attached to the same check. Nonetheless, it is an indicator of where the country is going, and flies in the face of virtually every narrative about the collapse in gun ownership, which is itself experiencing a bit of a resurgence.

National CCW Reciprocity, CCW on Campus, and gun control lobby efforts to make gun control a central issue of the 2014 elections. We just got started and it is already looking to be an awesome year.

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