Research suggests the sky is not falling, more women are arming themselves, and target shooting is surging in popularity. Also, more States work to expand gun laws, and a few stories from the Armed Citizen files.

1.) World not over. Back-to-back studied from Northeaster University and Texas State University suggest both that there is no “epidemic” of gun crime AND that the use of so-called “assault rifles” is extremely rare. Also of note is the Northwestern U study’s look at violence in media:

Tackling the subject of violent video games being linked to mass murders in recent years, the study brings into question the fact of whether these individuals were drawn to the game or abandoned to it by an ever-weaker fabric in today’s family structure. “To the extent that youngsters spend endless hours being entertained by violence says more about the lack of parental supervision and control. It isn’t that the entertainment media are so powerful; it is that our other institutions—family, school, religion, and neighborhood—have grown weaker with respect to

In other words, it may be a societal issue, and not the boogeyman of violent media. Both FOX News and the NRA could learn that….and at least FOX seems to, however reluctantly.

2.) Women. Perhaps the second biggest (if not the biggest) driving force behind the recent surge in firearms is the surge in women buying firearms for self defense. In addition, recent poll data suggests that women make up about 37% of new target shooters.

It is making the concept of the gun owner strictly being a muscleheaded redneck about as dated as that of the basement-dwelling gamer. It’s always good to see stereotypes collapse.

Meanwhile in India, the Indian Ordnance Factory has announced the first firearm made in India designed for women. The Nirbheek is a .32 revolver. The weapon costs the equivalent of $2,000.

3.) Legal Landscape. According to Georgia Carry, there is a bill going through the Senate here to end the Stand Your Ground law. In a statement posted on its Facebook page, GCO writes the following:

The General Assembly has reconvened and is beginning to hear bills. One gun control (SB208 – which would repeal Georgia’s Stand Your Ground Law) bill has been introduced and it is expected that a new gun bill will be introduced soon.
The new bill is not finalized yet there are those spreading rumors as to the dire consequences of passing the new legislation. There is no bill. There is no finalized language and your rights are not on the table for anyone to negotiate away. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and wait until the bill is dropped and see what is in it before people start opposing it or any language in the bill. As soon as the information is available, we will publish a link to the bill so that you may view it and understand what is in the bill.
Obviously, SB101 and HB512 are, at least for the time being off the table. We don’t expect them to move anywhere due to the new bill that is being offered. The new bill will start the process over with committee hearings. We have been told that it will move quickly with little to no delay.
Please wait until the language is complete and you are informed of the language before calling about specifics on a gun bill. It is fine to keep in contact with your elected officials and ask that the support gun rights but it is totally unnecessary for you to bombard them will calls that are without merit.
As we have stated in the past and continue to state, please show your elected officials respect when contacting them in any manner. Threats of never voting for them, etc. get you nowhere very quickly and hurt, rather than help our cause. In some of the items below, you will find information to help you fight all our opponents. That includes those claiming to be 2A supporters to those whom we know to be gun prohibitionists.

Meanwhile, another GA Legislator is introducing a bill that would dramatically impact FEDERAL regulations in terms of how the State handles them. According to Creative Loafing (odd name, solid news source), the bill would prohibit public officials and FFLs from following Federal laws “relating to a firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition that is sold, owned, or manufactured commercially or privately in Georgia.”

It should be noted that the Daniel Defense line of rifles is manufactured here.

Nationally, it is looking more likely that guns will be a central issue in the midterms. Michael Bloomberg’s group Mayors Against Illegal Guns has said that Bloomberg is prepared to use his personal wealth to push for stronger gun laws. This is an interesting change, as recent documents from MAIG suggest that he used public funds instead. Those documents also suggest that MAIG and the Brady Camp have been going at each other.

4.) By The Numbers. The National Shooting Sports Foundation is out with a new infographic that looks at the progress target shooting has made in 2013, and it’s overall impact on the American economy. Lots of ammo, lots of new shooters, so by nature there is a lot of money being spend on all of it.

5.) Armed Citizen. A man was critically injured at a Portland strip club after bursting into the building and shooting three. However, another patron was armed, and returned fire, critically injuring the suspect. All three victims were injured, but not killed. The clubs owners said that the suspect had been denied entry because of “belligerent behavior and racist comments.”

6.) CT Update. Finally tonight, this via Armed Novelist. The Truth About Guns is noting that, despite the mandatory registration, almost nobody actually registered. As TTAG notes, the confiscation is likely to happen regardless. If nothing else, it is cool to see a LOT of people completely ignore the required registration. This will definitely be remembered come the midterms, and I think everyone is looking forward to it.

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