May Issue is tossed in California, an effort to repeal the SAFE Act in New York and a lot of candor from New Jersey. We have news from multiple States tonight, almost all of which are in a positive direction. As per usual, thanks to The Armed Novelist for helping gather some of this weeks reports (DeviantArt Journal here and Tumblr blog here). This is the latest on the progress of the gun rights movement. This week, we’re keeping it State-by-State and to-the-point.

1.) California. California’s restrictive “May Issue” system may be on its way out. A recent court ruling from the Ninth Circuit (of all places) affirmed the right to carry guns in public for personal protection. The ruling read in part

The Court ruled that a government may specify what mode of carrying to allow (open or concealed), but a government may not make it impossible for the vast majority of Californians to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

So, that could scratch off California in addition to Illinois. Note that last year, Rand Paul noted that it was entirely likely to turn California red.

2.) New York. As if having a ton of people refusing to register and skirting the SAFE Act through mere cosmetic tweaks wasn’t enough, there are now efforts to flat-out repeal the act outright. The SAFE Act just hasn’t worked as intended. This bodes well for the movement, as it shows a grassroots resistance on multiple levels.

Other late breaking news out of New York is the departure of Remmington for Alabama, with the company citing the SAFE Act as the reason for leaving the State.

3.) Colorado. If there is one problem this week, it’s that Colorado had a CCW bill that would allow school districts the choice to arm teachers and staff. The bill was defeated in a party-line vote, of course. Even with the recall and Magpul, Colorado never left the spotlight, and remains a major fight in the overall gun rights movement.

4.) Idaho. A Republican lawmaker has introduced a bill that would punish Idaho officers for attempting to confiscate firearms. Not much more needs to be said there, so moving on.

5.) Connecticut. Another quick story here. Like in New York, it turns out that millions of Citizens in Connecticut are refusing to turn in their firearms. As little as 15% of the rifles “classified as assault weapons” have been registered.

6.) Louisiana. Finally tonight, the State that brought a lifetime CCW permit online is joining with 18 other States to ask that the Supreme Court examine the gun laws of New Jersey. New Jersey is a “may issue” State at the moment….just like California. The case, going by the multi-state brief, is Drake v. Filko.

A lot of brawls happening at the State level, almost nothing of relevance happening at the Federal level. If I had any influence over the movement I would advise making guns an election issue locally, then blowing that out into the coming Federal elections. It is, and it always has been, a move from the ground up.

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