Wild West, guns “blowing up railroads”, and a newspaper calls for the arrest of CT gun owners who didn’t register. We’ve got all kinds of hyperbole from antis, and some good news on CCW this week. Thanks as always to The Armed Novelist for helping gather stuff for tonight’s Run.

1.) “It’s the law.” The Hartford Courant published an op-ed this week entitled “State Can’t Let Gun Scofflaws Off Hook.” In it, the Courant’s editorial board suggests that “widespread noncompliance” to the “hopefully effective” law is a problem for the state. The paper concedes that willful noncompliance is a “major issue” only to immediately suggest that it’s also possible many gun owners are unaware of their “obligation to register military-style assault weapons and would do so if given another chance.”

I give (most) of the people in CT credit. A lot of them quite itterally stuck to their guns and refused to register.

2.) Who will blow up the roads? Jesse Jackson doubled down on a claim that semi-auto weapons can be used to blow up railroads. He added that guns can also be used to shoot down airplanes (though how anyonw on the ground can hit a target moving THAT fast at 30,000 feet up is anyone’s guess). The concept doesn’t need much more exposure, so let’s move on.

3.) Wild West….again. Georgia’s gun bill was the subject of a column in the Albany Herald, in which the author stated that the bill currently going through the Senate would revert the state back to (what else?) the days of the Wild West. It is quite honestly dripping in sarcasm and exaggeration, but you expect that at this point. The “rumors” about campus carry are false, by the way.

Also, I say that it is working its way through the Senate because earlier this week it passed the House 119-56. I have no ETA on the Senate, but will update when I do.

If you need a refresher, the bill would allow for CCW in bars and churches (assuming the bar or church ALLOWED it), remove the fingerprinting requirement from RENEWALS, strengthen the state’s Stand Your Ground law, among many other very much pro-gun measures.

4.) Surge in manufacturing. New information on the production of firearms in 2012 reveals that over 8.5 million guns were manufactured in the US. This is, of course, prior to the Newtown shooting and the surge in gun sales that followed and sent manufacturers into a rush to keep up. The number is a 31% jump from 2011’s 6.5 million. A National Opinion Research Center poll suggests, however, that gun ownership has actually DECLINED. Admittedly, this concept was something that NRANews contributer Billy Johnson handled brilliantly in one of his recent commentaries.

5.) Surge in ownership. News about a surge in CCW permits continues into 2014. An article by Examiner.com’s Dave Workman provides a nice summary, touching on the Ninth Circuit Court victory, plus a surge in permits in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Washington State. Women are a huge portion of the surge across the nation, and were also a big part of the audience in the Great Outdoors Show here in Georgia.

Despite this surge, however, the latest FBI report suggests that violent crime (and murder specifically) have tanked in the first half of 2013.

6.) Finally this week, guns and football. The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association is sueing the NFL over its ban on virtually all handguns in stadiums. Police say it goes against state law, and puts the public in danger.

Texas, meanwhile, has come up with a more efficient way of going around the NFL’s handgun ban. Ignoring it, and allowing off-duty cops to carry via normal procedure anyway.

Because Texas is awesome.

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