Stand Your Ground

Connecticut gun owners in revolt, the rest of the planet in revolt, Piers Morgan in the can, and lessons from Ukraine. BIG stuff tonight. Of course, thanks to Armed Novelist for contributing a few stories to the Run tonight.

1.) Connecticut. By now, you know it’s not going to well for Connecticut anti-gunners. An editorial in the Washington Times has a solid recap of the events, and the odd position it catches both police and government officials in. The Times notes that, should they choose to enforce the law and go after those who haven’t registered, the likely outcome would be SWAT teams raiding the homes of those who refused to register. It’s an ominous concept, but given the tendency of some police forces to take to a small issue with Boston bomber-levels of aggression, not entirely farfetched.

The recent efforts at confiscation in Connecticut don’t make this any less feasible.

2.) Nationally. The reality of 2013 America is that “it’s the law” is no longer a reason to follow it. Another article in USA Today notes three such examples where this mindset is seeing incredible (and, for many pro-liberty types, heartening) resistance. Namely, the demise of the national license plate tracking system, the FCC’s backtracking on placing “monitors” in newsrooms, and the backlash in Connecticut. In other words, you are seeing a resurgence.

I would like to note that we live in a nation where the phrase “government monitors in American newsrooms” can be used without a trace of sarcasm or irony. It has gone from something we mock other countries on to something we had to face off with.

3.) Globally. The rest of the planet seems to be on fire. Reason has a note on three different revolts happening around the world. Of the three, none of which can be grouped together into a nice package like the so-called “Arab Spring” but all of which are based around distrust of the government boiling over into the streets.

It’s something that is at least worth considering happening here, despite the multiple promises we’ve seen.

4.) Standing. The Bang Switch, the blog of Military Arms Channel, is taking a different approach to the events in Ukraine, and the motivations mentioned above. Specifically, MAC sees the Ukraine action as proof positive that Americans need to continue to support (or, for some, start supporting) the Second Amendment. Ukraine doesn’t have a similar “right” in its legal system, although gun owners in Ukraine have begun calling for one to be added into it Some estimates put government-owned firearms at 7 million while about 3 million are estimated to be in civilian hands.

By comparison, the US military has roughly 1.4 million people, whereas there are about 310 million firearms in private hands.

5.) Piers. Citing pathetically low ratings, CNN and Piers Morgan have decided to cancel the anti-gun crusader’s program. Regular readers/amyone with a pulse in the gun community already know Morgan’s background, so not much else needs to be discussed there.

6.) China. Islamic militants in China killed about 29 and injured about 130 today. Contrary to what American networks were hoping for, it was all done with knives.

The incident that stands out to me this time was when a UK soldier was beheaded on a London street by a pair of Islamic nuts while virtually everyone around the pair was powerless to stop them.

The action in Ukraine, the terror attack in China, and the beheading last year in London. All three are incredibly powerful arguments for the right to keep and bear arms here in the United States.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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