California CCW sees a surge after the 9th Circuit decision (and sees a backlash against smart guns), the fight in Connecticut intensifies, and Americans rally for Connecticut gun owners and for the Second Amendment in general. I owe Armed Novelist range time at this point.

1.) California. Two solid stories out of California this week. First off, we have a surge in CCW permits following the 9th Circuit decision that struck down the State’s “May Issue” system.

Also, with the introduction of a “smart gun” in California came the inevitable backlash that resulted in the store pulling it. Moving on.

2.) Connecticut. Monderno has an article recapping most of the confiscation story so far. Meanwhile, the organization Connecticut Carry is saying that the government “does not have the balls” to come for people defying the gun registration laws. Others have told lawmakers in person that they have no intention of complying with it.

The Capitalism Institute has another approach on this. They have released an article titled “Why Every American Must Rally Around Connecticut Gun Owners.” The Institute says that those outside the State need to keep the spotlight on CT lawmakers because A.) the media won’t and B.) to not do so would essentially allow CT to go after those fighting the law without anyone noticing.

Personally, I’d just argue it’d be pathetic for us to not back people who have taken the fight into their own hands. The pro-gun side-streams are pretty much the only people tracking this story. (It is quite interesting to see antis ignore it, though. Suddenly they aren’t as interested in using the “nobody is coming for your guns” line….)

Also of note is the fact that apparently law enforcement is refusing to enforce those laws in the first place.

3.) Missouri. Nullification is the word of the day in MO. The Senate there voted to pass a bill essentially gutting Federal gun laws by a 23-10 vote. The bill has been passed off to the House Rules Committee.

4.) Nationally. Apparently looking for a quiet restart, President Obama is using the 2015 budget to renew efforts for gun control. He spend about 30 seconds on it during the State of the Union show in January, and hasn’t been too loud about it since then.

5.) Resurgence. A USA Today piece entitled “Americans Embrace Guns“…..put bluntly, we’re winning. Americans are rediscovering their rights and, at the risk of being dramatic, their history. Gun control has been reduced to seeing minor changes like Facebook’s policies as massive victories. (They wanted basically a ban on all gun sales, what they got was much smaller.) That they are that desperate for victories should tell you more than they’d like about the state of their argument.

With the trend we are seeing now, it is only going to get worse for them.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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