The concept of a militia reaches the pages of USA Today, the ATF ignores restraining orders, Connecticut ramps up confiscation efforts, and a bit of hope for millennials (and gun rights in general). Also, this week we have a blazing speech on the President’s tendency to change laws on his own. Armed Novelist is a co-producer at this point.

1.) Militia. The concept of the militia hit the pages of USA Today this week in a column by Glenn Reynolds. The column goes over the (real) definition of the “militia” as meant in the Second Amendment (i.e. an armed citizenry, not the National Guard). An article on Bearing Arms ran with this, and added notes from Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story and Townhall columnist Rachel Alexander.

It is interesting seeing discussion of the militia hit such a major website.

2.) Raids. The gun retailer Ares Armor got a restraining order against the ATF earlier this week. The ATF threatened to seize the company’s consumer list and about $300,000 in inventory if the company did not hand it over voluntarily.

With the restraining order in place, the ATF respectfully ignored it, brought different charges, and raided the place anyway. The ATF, apparently, has more interest in treating Mexican drug cartels better than it does American businesses.

At the same time, Ares is dealing fighting their home city to keep a sign up outside the building that features an AR-15 silhouette.

The CEO of the company, Dimitri Karras, is a former Marine and apparently has no intention of backing down from either fight. At about midnight, he posted the following to the company’s Facebook page

The ATF did execute a search warrant against all of our buildings today. None of our employees have been detained or arrested. We will be open for business tomorrow. We will be back up and shipping out orders on Monday. We wholeheartedly believe that they are WRONG in their actions and we will be relentlessly pursuing remedy through the courts. Quote from an ATF Agent during the raid “searching is fun! paper work sucks.” Maybe the ATF thinks the Constitution is part of that paper work that sucks… Despicable behavior on their part. This is just the beginning! Thank you all for the support! -Dimitrios Karras, CEO

3.) Connecticut. Now over to one of the flashpoints. We have covered the action in Connecticut extensively here; from the gun laws that were passed, to the registrations that never happened, to the first round of confiscation letters. Now we have a second round of letters going out.

Much like in New York, those with unregistered firearms must either render them inoperable, get them out of the area, or relinquish them to police.

The governor of CT is standing on the law as well. Essentially his response to critics and those who refuse to register their firearms was “your side lost, deal with it.”

4.) The Next Generation. A Pew study suggests that, by a small margin, Millennials oppose gun control. The study found that the views of Millennials is in-line with the views of previous generations…at least by the study.

Expect that margin to expand eventually. Which direction is in our hands.

5.) Government. The final story tonight is a speech from Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SD). Rep. Gowdy took aim at the President’s tendency to enforce bills when he chooses to do so, and rewrite them without any oversight or approval. In his 5-minute speech, he notes how the branches of government are supposed to operate in concert, and where the lines are in terms of their authority (checks and balances). President Obama’s non-stop modifications to laws like the Affordable Care Act, Gowdy says, could be extended to the President changing election or discrimination laws.

The speech was in support of the ENFORCE The Law Act, which streamlines the process for Congress suing the President for failing to enforce laws. It passed the house, but Obama has threatened to veto it under the apparently serious claim that it violates the separation of powers.

Almost through the first quarter of this election year. Primaries in May for most of the country. With the action in Connecticut, New York, and others, guns are looking like central issue for the 2014 elections.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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