A look at the elections, Constitutional Carry in Iowa and Louisiana, and a look at what is probably the most biased gun news article in recent memory. Of course, we will cover the Leland Yee story this week as well. Lots of stuff to cover, but no particular theme. As always, thanks to Armed Novelist for helping out.

1.) 2014. A couple of new studies on the 2014 election seem to give increasing odds to a GOP takeover of the Senate as Obama’s poll numbers (and frankly, everything else) is on the decline. While I hold that the RNC will try to crush any pro-liberty candidate (in place of a moderate or someone whose political opinions bend to the will of the polls), I’d love to be wrong on this. Moving on.

2.) New York. The SAFE Act is falling apart. In addition to the fact that many just aren’t registering their guns to begin with, a lot of the stuff set up in the law isn’t ready yet and isn’t looking like it is going to be ready for a long damn time.

3.) LEOs. Let’s get this out of the way. We are going to be discussing Law Enforcement in this next section. We are not going to be bashing them.

OK. That obligatory disclaimer out of the way, two major notes this week in the subject of the Blue Line. We start off in Vermont, where the city of Burlington passed a handful of gun control measures. Like in New York, the measures are being met with resistance from law enforcement. The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which claims sheriffs as the top law enforcement (given that local LE is supposedly more powerful in an area than Federal LE), claims that 17 police associations and 500 sheriffs have declared that they will not enforce “unconstitutional” gun measures.

On the flipside, we have the controversial shooting of a homeless man in by police in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The crime, apparently, was that the man was “illegally camping.” CBS News reports:

According to an Albuquerque police spokeswoman, Boyd was carrying knives and threatening to kill the officers. But critics say the incident raises alarming questions about how Albuquerque police use deadly force.

Rob Cameron, an attorney and YouTuber, has a solid video out called “Equal Standard of Conduct for Police” which is pretty self-explanatory.

4.) Yee. Any readers of this blog are probably already up on this, so let’s get it out of the way now. The Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb seized on the hypocrisy of a noted anti-gunner being arrested for weapons trafficking. (Banning semi-autos while trafficking RPGs.)

Gun control advocates view the arrest as a “setback“. The Courage Campaign’s Paul Song told the AP “Ironically, while he’s being charged with gun trafficking, next to (U.S. Sen.) Dianne Feinstein he was probably the second most outspoken gun control advocate. This really leaves us scrambling for someone to pick up that mantle. If it wasn’t so sad it would be comical. But what we’re really worried about is that this will further destroy the momentum for gun control here in California.”

Not that gun control needed help losing momentum.

5.) Constitutional Carry. In both Iowa and Louisiana, lawmakers are mulling bills to essentially scrap their respective permit systems, allowing for open and concealed carry regardless of whether you have a permit. For Louisiana, this is the logical extension to the lifetime carry permit that dropped in May of last year.

6.) Open Carry. A story on Ben Swann’s Truth In Media project asks a very simple question; “Is the Open-Carry Movement Becoming More Popular?” With movements for OC popping up seemingly everywhere (even though, depending on your view, the Starbucks events backfired), it is a legitimate question. I personally don’t OC, but some of you probably do (and I would be interested in hearing about your experiences, quite honestly).

7.) Detroit. I’m not sure I could write a better setup for this next story than the opening paragraphs.

As Detroit continues to reel from the dismal results of progressive policies run amok, citizens in the bankrupt city are being forced to arm themselves to protect life and property.

Amid a staggeringly high crime rate and a police department so beset with budget cuts that responding to calls for help is hit or miss, residents there are determined to defend themselves — and are exercising their Second Amendment rights to do so, The Blaze reported.

The above excerpt is from BizPac Review.

When seconds count…..

8.) Church and Guns. A church in New York gave away a (modified) AR-15 (cue organ music) at a recent Sunday service. The winner, 42-year-old Ron Stafford, told the New York Post “I believe it’s the right of the individual, I believe the church and our God-given rights and our rights to follow the Constitution go hand in hand.”

As Bearing Arms shows us, the Post went on to write one of the most arrogant and biased pieces in recent memory:

An upstate gun nut went to church Sunday and walked out the winner of a high-powered assault rifle similar to the one used to slaughter 26 innocent people at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

But Ron Stafford, 42, an avid hunter and single father of two from Schenectady, said he didn’t see what’s wrong about owning a gun or a church giving away an AR-15 rifle.

“I believe it’s the right of the individual, I believe the church and our God-given rights and our rights to follow the Constitution go hand in hand,” said Stafford, who doesn’t even belong to Grace Baptist Church in upstate Lansingburgh, but made the 25-mile trek from his home for the gun drawing.

“I like to shoot,” said the Second Amendment zealot. “I believe that this shows the will of the people and what this country is all about.”

Stafford was so determined to win, he sat through the entire three-hour service — a requirement demanded by the church’s pastor, the Rev. John Koletas.

While the overall message at Sunday’s service was about God and guns, Stafford refused to ponder the question of whether he could imagine Jesus packing heat.

“I can’t answer that question,” said Stafford. “I’m not Jesus. I believe in my personal thoughts and to speak for him wouldn’t be very Christian of me.”

However, he castigated the media for “demonizing” gun owners and the government for “trampling” on Second Amendment rights.

Realize, by the way, that it’s “Thou Shalt Not Murder.”

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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