Protests at the CT Capitol building, Gun Control still a non-starter in the Senate, and Colorado’s gun laws go on trial. Solid week in firearms news, all told. Thanks as always to Armed Novelist for helping gather some of the stories.

1.) McDonald. Before we get into the noise, the aggression, and the ever increasing resistance to gun control, let’s start with a tip of the hat to Otis McDonald. Mr. McDonald was the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court case McDonald v. Chicago. He died Friday, after battling a lengthy illness, at the age of 80. McDonald was largely seen as a follow-up to the Court’s ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller. Whereas Heller affirmed the right to own guns regardless of whether one served in a militia, McDonald struck down Chicago’s ban AND held that the Fourteenth Amendment (equal protection under the law) was applicable to the states as a whole.

The man only brought the case because he was looking to protect his family, but was barred from getting a handgun by virtue of living in Chicago. That he delivered a solid victory for gun rights in the process is incidental. His story later became the subject of a book, “An Act of Bravery”, released in 2012.

2.) Chicago. In July of 2013, Illinois installed (by court order, not a by-product of a change of heart) a CCW licensing system. Chicago police announced that the first quarter of 2014 saw “the lowest murder rate since 1958.” As IJR notes, it’s too early to tell if there is a DIRECT connection….but the evidence is there that either the introduction of CCW either DID have an impact, or it didn’t have the end-of-days impact it was “supposed” to, but didn’t impact murder rates much.

I’m sure CNN will get right on this story….after they are done theorizing about that damn plane, perhaps.

There have already been Armed Citizen stories coming out of the area as well.

3.) SAFE Act. Thousands of people protested the SAFE Act this week at the Capitol in Albany, New York this week. The SAFE Act continues to face massive opposition, including deliberate refusal to register (the deadline is April 15 without a trace of irony), regular protests, and some fairly passionate speeches in front of various city/county councils. (To say nothing of the fact that, as discussed last week, a lot of the mechanisms in the law simply aren’t ready.)

This fight isn’t fading away any time soon.

4.) Colorado. The Colorado Legislature has passed a bill repealing restrictions on rifle and shotgun purchases. The bill essentially allows residents to purchase rifles and shotguns in states that aren’t bordering Colorado.

Not much to mention, but worth noting an extremely slow movement in the positive direction from Colorado after all the hell we’ve been seeing there.

4.) Kansas. The Kansas legislature has passed a bill giving the state legislature sole authority over gun regulation. In other words, any law by a city that runs counter to the state law is void and is itself illegal.

[Image source: GRAA Twitter]

5.) Connecticut. The above image is from Saturday’s protest outside of the Connecticut Capitol building in Hartford. This is the culmination of near-constant resistance since Connecticut passed its own SAFE Act-style law, including the registration of “assault weapons.”

This protest didn’t get much play in the major media networks….which is exactly the role the alternative media is expected to fill.

It turns out that forcing people to register their guns is a lot like forcing them to buy something they don’t want. Some will, most won’t.

6.) Nationally. Bloomberg News closes out this week with a note from Senate Dems. It turns out that, despite “90% of Americans” supporting it, they still do not have the votes for gun control on the Federal level. Everyone from Harry Reid to Joe Manchin, one of the men behind the last effort at a federal gun control “compromise.”

Considering the falling support for gun control, don’t expect that to change any time soon.

If anything, the odds are only going to get worse for anti-gunners. The movement is collapsing at both the state and Federal level, and it is important that we make damn sure it stays that way.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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