Eric Holder wants smart gun tech, Leland Yee’s arrest leads to calls for more gun control, and the Feds bring MRAPS and snipers to a cow fight.

Thanks to Armed Novelist for helping gather some of the stories, let’s get to business.

1.) Smart guns. Remember that smart gun in California that had enough of a backlash as to be pulled almost immediately after it was announced? Well, Attorney General Eric Holder is seeking grants for gun tracking bracelets. This is, of course, to track the guns of American citizens, Mexican drug cartels can continue being ignored as normal.

Anyway, according to the Washington Free Beacon, the DoJ has requested about $300 million to look into “gun safety”, part of which goes into “Gun Safety Technology” grants, the terminology in no way sounding creepy or intrusive.

Just think about that for a second, $300 million for the anti-gun definition of “gun safety.”

Holder points to Congress’ inability to pass “common sense” gun control measures last year as the reason for the DoJ and the administration as a whole taking on the project themselves.

2.) Yee. Democrats have found a way to convert the Leland Yee case into calls for more gun control. In blunt terms, they say more gun control is needed because “even the most trusted appearing among us are ready to do real harm.” (In other words, fear everybody.) While conveniently washing her hands of the controversy over her colleague, Congresswoman Jackie Speier (who represents the district Yee is originally from) called for a ban on assault weapons to prevent future incidents of under-the-radar weapons trafficking. She even went so far as to say President Obama should “use his pen to slow the import of these weapons, which have no place in our homes.” In other words, he should use executive orders and go around Congress.

Congresstypes apparently have nothing against being made irrelevant.

3.) Tennessee. A handful of quick bits now. The Tennesse State Senate gave open carry a boost this week, passing a bill that would allow for OC without a license. The vote passed 25-2.

4.) Florida. The rules change during riots/disasters. A bill in the Florida House would allow people with no criminal record to conceal firearms during emergencies without a permit.

HB 209’s progress is available direct from the House website

5.) Georgia. GPB, our state-wide public broadcaster has a fairly balanced look at HB 60. The bill, which has yet to be signed by Governor Deal (he has until roughly the end of the month) would among other things allow for church carry, as well as remove the requirement to get fingerprinted to renew your license.

6.) Virginia. Finally on this breakneck tour across the country, musings from a Virginia Democrat looking to replace Eric Cantor. Mike Dickinson, who has made no secret of his disdain for gun owners and the NRA in the past, took to Twitter to state that gun owners are “like little kids right now. They want all the rights but none of the responsibility (sic). With rights comes responsibility.” He also noted that anyone who sells a firearm that is later used in a crime is responsible for that crime.

In case he’s not scoring points with the base, he has also asked the FCC to regulate FOX News and ONLY FOX News.

7.) Nevada. While Youtuber TheRealTripppleB has a far better recap on this, let’s discuss the action in Nevada which, as of tonight, has at least calmed down.

After several decades of court battles over “public” land in Clark County, Nevada, the Bureau of Land Management decided to surround the ranch of Cliven Bundy with armed officers, helicopters, and 4WD vehicles. The reason for this was not because Bundy was a terrorist or violent criminal, but rather because he has had cows grazing on public land “without a permit.” The idea of sending snipers to fight over cows was slammed by Nevada officials, half of Twitter, and virtually everybody who saw the whole thing as overkill.

It was only in the last few days where this got real tense real fast. With the addition of snipers and MRAPS on one end, came the introduction of militia groups supporting Bundy on the other. The introduction of armed resistance, plus having the embarrassment of having such firepower brought to bear over cows lighting up social media/side-stream news, led the BLM to eventually pull back and continue fighting in court over it. (Keeping in mind that the BLM has virtually no Congressional oversight, and can basically write its own rules at will.) The Bang Switch celebrated the event, saying that today should be a “national holiday that celebrates the 2nd Amendment and liberty,” emphasizing the role armed citizens played in forcing a retreat. TBS adds

Before large numbers of militia responded to the scene, groups of protesters were being roughed up by government thugs. Women were thrown to the ground and unarmed men were tazed as the government struggled to assert its control. Once armed citizens started to arrive in force, these thugs were forced to back-off and stop using their Gestapo tactics.

Again, it was a mix of armed resistance on the ground, and side-stream news that brought this about.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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