Two large anti-gun groups rebrand as “grassroots”, a revival of the “domestic terrorist” talking point, and the ATF claims data seized from Ares is “safe.” The cracks are starting to show in several narratives this week. Thanks as always to Armed Novelist for helping out here.

1.) Everytown. While it sounds like a spin-off of Richard Scarry’s Busytown children’s books, Everytown is actually a merging of Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America. The fun part about the merging of two “large” (relatively) anti-gun groups backed by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg is that they are trying to sell the merged group as “grassroots.”

Best of all, for us gun guys, is they kicked off the “movement” in, of all places, Colorado.

2.) “Domestic terrorism.” Senator Harry Reid has shifted gears from calling everyone who disagrees with him “anarchists” to calling those who support Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists” instead. Domestic terrorism was popular around 2010 during the surge of the Tea Party, when the Gadsden Flag was starting to become much more popular. As InfoWars (who led the coverage of that narrative, so get off my back) reported, the DHS later suggested that anyone with a pro-liberty mindset was also a domestic terrorist.

In a semi-related story, Glenn Beck recently blasted many of the supporters of Bundy, specifically those he thinks are looking for a fight.

3.) Ares. Perhaps sensing that raiding a store in defiance of a restraining order might have brought them some negative attention, the ATF is attempting to assure people that the data seized in the initial raid is “safe” from outside intrusion. The ATF further stated that it did not use the info for anything not related to the investigation.

On the off chance anyone still believes them.

4.) Connecticut. Local media in CT is reporting what may be the first arrest to occur under the state’s new registration laws. A 65 year-old was arrested for possessing an unregistered “assault weapon” and “large-capacity magazines.” Nobody is sure which weapon or what, exactly, defines “large-capacity.”

Just to make the point, a 65-year-old was arrested not because he committed an actual crime but because a rifle wasn’t registered. He’s not really a criminal, but can look forward to being treated as one “for the greater good” regardless.

5.) Georgia. Georgia Carry has confirmed that HB 60 will be signed into law next week. As has been previously reported, the gun rights expansion restoration bill would, among other things:
– Remove fingerprinting for renewal of Weapons Carry Licenses (WCL).
– Prohibit the state from creating and maintaining a database of WCL holders.
– Create an absolute defense for the legal use of deadly force in the face of a violent attack.
– Remove the sweeping restrictions on legally carrying a firearm with a WCL in churches and bars, leaving this decision to private property owners (churches must “opt-in” to allow carry).
– Lower the age to obtain a concealed WCL for self-defense from 21 to 18 for active duty military, with specific training.
– Allows for the use of firearm sound suppressors while hunting.
– Repeal the unnecessary and duplicative state-required license for a firearms dealer, instead requiring only a Federal Firearms License (FFL).
– Prohibit a ban on firearms in public housing, ensuring that the right to self-defense should not be infringed based on where one calls home.
– Codify the ability to legally carry, with a WCL, in sterile/non-secure areas of airports.
– Include a provision that would have the state report those persons who have been involuntarily hospitalized or have been adjudicated mentally deficient to the NICS system while also providing an ability for relief through an application process to the court system for the purpose of restoration of rights.
– State that under a declared state of emergency, all law-abiding gun owners will not have their Second Amendment rights restricted or infringed by executive authority through Emergency Powers protection.
– Strengthen current firearms preemption statutes through further clarification of the regulatory authority of local governments, excluding firearm discharge ordinances.

While I am, unfortunately, not sure I’ll be able to make it to the ceremony, I’m pretty sure every gun owner in the state is now looking forward to when the bill takes effect July 1st. (A few days before Independence Day…and expect a rather large Midnight Run on July 4th, too.)

6.) Bundy. The Truth About Guns has an article out asking a very simple question; is the action at Bundy Ranch (by which I mean the citizen militias facing off with Federal agents), a sign of things to come? Not much beyond that, but it is definitely something to consider.

In the event that the idea of citizen militias taking on Federal agents sounds ludicrous, I’d like to note that Bearing Arms posted an article in February about how, though assymetric warfare taking on a tank with a few rifles isn’t that hard.

Which is not to say that it wouldn’t be incredibly brutal regardless.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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