The NRA convenes in Indy, Everytown loses a high-profile advisor, and HB 60 is signed at a barbecue. Realistically, the NRA and HB 60 are the major stories this week.

1.) NRA Convention. The annual meeting of the NRA took place this week in Indianapolis. Among the topics was Georgia’s HB 60 bill, a call for more female firearms instructors (females are the driving force behind the recent surge in firearms sales/permit applications), and treating CCW permits as drivers licenses (what is being called a universal CCW law) which would require all states to honor every other state’s CCW permit. The event, which was attended by around 70,000 people, comes off what the Washington Times called a “year of victories“; including the failure of Federal gun legislation, the surge in gun sales/permits, Colorado recall, and the tanking support for new gun laws.

In other words, an NRA that is finally on offense, not defense.

2.) Protests. On the flipside, Everytown is not doing quite as well. After an embarrassing poster showing ignorance of firearms, the Daily Caller reported that former governor Tom Ridge, who was brought on by Mike Bloomberg in an effort to add Republicans, has decided to leave the organization

Meanwhile, a protest involving about 100 “gun reform” advocates (“gun reform” being a much softer term for “gun control,” apparently they need to rebrand their message….again) happened somewhere near the convention. The big kickoff to a new anti-gun organization (made out of two previous ones) was such a ground breaking sucess that people had to be paid to go there.

In short, a miserable poster and a tiny protest of people paid to be there is supposed to bring the pro-gun movement to its knees.

Moving on.

3.) HB 60. At a barbecue in Ellijay, Governor Nathan Deal signed the Safe Carry Protection Act, also known as HB 60, into law Wednesday. The bill takes effect July 1st. On Twitter, the usual promises of bloodshed flooded in shortly after the bill was signed. Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Jeanne Bonner, who covers the State Capitol for the network, noted that the bill’s signing was not the end of pro-gun efforts. Georgia Carry, the major gun rights group in Georgia, looks to get campus carry passed in the next legislative session.

Gun control advocates protested in Atlanta, saying the bill was a “terrible experiment“, adding that “just because somebody has a permit doesn’t mean their responsible.” (Essentially the same “fear everybody” line of thought used when the Yee case broke.)

4.) Still ahead. Two stories from the states as we close out tonight. In Missouri, Republicans are restarting efforts to nullify federal gun laws. What is dividing Republicans is how to deal with people who violate that law when….if it actually passes.

Louisiana is looking at three major gun bills this session. The bills, as a whole, would allow for the use of suppressors in hunting, as well as allowing for guns to be carried in restaraunts that serve alcohol, and a GA-style provision which “could qualify Louisiana permit holders for a waiver from the NICS check when purchasing a firearm from a federal firearm licensed dealer.”

This coming from a state that recently introduced a lifetime CCW permit.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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