A strange dip in crime during NRA Indy, Everytown loses a high-profile leader, and HB 826 is signed with implications for campus carry. It’s almost exactly the same pattern as Midnight Run: Convention last week, only Armed Novelist is back.

1.) NRA Indy. In what is either a strange coincidence or one of the most awesome bits of news in some time, FOX 59 in Indianapolis is noting a strange shift in crime during the weekend the NRA convention was in town. Local police called the Saturday of the convention the most peaceful Saturday” in the month of April.

Sure, it may just be coincidence, but for the sudden infusion of the NRA convention and the thousands who no doubt brought their guns to the show and the city at large to result in a noticeable drop in crime is interesting to say the least.

2.) MAIG. Everytown’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns is losing its leader. Mark Glaze says that “it is time for me to hand off the fight to somebody else“, adding that there’s a “point where you feel you’ve done all you can do.” As Guns Save Lives notes, this is not the only problem facing the rapidly-disintegrating organization.

3.) HB 826. A law focused on the carrying of firearms in “school safety zones” may have opened the door to campus carry in the most roundabout way possible. Set to go into effect on the same day as HB 60 (the main gun bill, which was signed at a barbecue), gun advocates say that the language of the bill opens “school safety zones” to CCW permit holders in addition to what is set to go live with HB 60.

In related news, churches are split on HB 60’s opt-in system. The Episcopal Diocese in Atlanta has announced that it will prohibit firearms. The Archbishop Wilton Gregory said in a statement that “The last thing we need is more firearms in public places, especially in those places frequented by children and the vulnerable. I do not want to suggest restricting firearms in places where they are needed, to protect one’s home and property or to defend the public by officials who are entrusted with our protection. Yet this new legislation de facto makes firearms more available in places where they may allow violence to escalate.”

On the flipside, Liberty Baptist Church in Hart County is one of the first to allow licensed gun owners to carry during services. This is not entirely unexpected, as Georgia Baptists testified in support of church carry back in February.

4.) Fingergun. In a story I promise is from this week, a student has been suspended from school for making a gun with his fingers.

In TEXAS of all places.

5.) Smart guns. To the surprise of nobody in particular, an attempt to bring a smart gun to market in Maryland was responded to with criticism from everybody. Dealing with pressure (and death threats, because that’s how some of us operate, apparently) from all sides, the whole endeavor took about a week to be scrapped.

Smart guns are seen as a great solution… those who would ban firearms altogether. It is strange seeing gun stores try to take it on.

But recent reaction, plus the non-stop promotion by anti-gunners, proves that the concept will be a non-starter for the foreseeable future.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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