The “smart gun” still struggles to find a market, an LA County sheriff’s deputy builds an illegal rifle, and Missouri passes more pro-gun legislation.

1.) Smart Guns. Lots of movement regarding the Armatix “Smart Gun.” First off, we have some more info on pricing. Apparently the thing is $1,800 and is only chambered in .22LR. That is roughly 3 times the price of a decent Glock. The weapon requires the user to wear a watch for whatever reason, and has a decent failure rate. Additionally, an article in Forbes has listed multiple problems with the tech from computer malfunctions to authentication issues, to the idea of smart guns being tracked or jammed. The idea of a gun being jammed or tracked is going to be the main sticking point for pro-gunners.

What is interesting is that nobody who supports this tech seems to be too eager to suggest whether they would mandate it. Until (if) we start seeing honest discussion on that aspect, expect this to go nowhere fast.

2.) Oklahoma. The Governor of Oklahoma recently vetoed pro-gun legislation. Essentially, the bill demands that LEOs must certify Class 3/NFA forms within 15 days of receiving them.

The full Legislature overrode the veto this week. The veto was crushed in the OK House 86-3, and in the Senate 39-0.

3.) Missouri. For whatever reason, Missouri’s been on a kick as far as pro-gun legislation is concerned. From recent news of a bill to nullifiy federal law to a bill extending the Castle Doctrine to allow babysitters and guests to use deadly force against intruders. (Which would mean, presumably, means that babysitters and guests are currently barred from using deadly force. The very idea is absurd.)

4.) California. Seemingly unable to catch a break from people in authority breaking the laws the support/enforce, news out of California of an LA County sheriff’s deputy pleading guilty to building an illegal “assault rifle”

It’s not on the level of a State congressman pushing for semi-auto bans while trafficking rocket launchers, but it is an amusing development despite that.

5.) Moms Demand Action. Moms Demand Action etc. etc. launched a new campaign on Capitol Hill this week. The protest involved roughly 100 people, which somehow represents the views of everyone in the country. This on the heels of “crashing” the NRA, also with a few hundred people, in what was supposed to be the major kick-off to the Everytown campaign shortly before that started losing high-profile figures.

You can’t buy grassroots support. Even the most cynical in the country can see that.

6.) Clinton. Possible 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (assuming Benghazi doesn’t wreck her chances) recently had some interesting comments on the subject of firearms. Specifically that having “so many people, fully licensed, fully validated” carrying firearms was a problem. If that’s true, and there is an issue with having people who have undergone the process, expense, and background checks required to carry a firearm, it would be interesting to see under what conditions Mrs. Clinton would support people carrying them.

2016 is a long way off, sure. But the candidates, patterns, and major topics set to drive the election are already developing.

Stay informed, stay alert, stay free.

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