Random Thoughts: Criminals and Gun Rights

– Starting to see more than a few notes about restoring gun rights to convicted felons. 

– In April, there was an article posted to Truth About Guns on the subject.

– In Louisiana, keeping felons from owning firearms was deemed unconstitutional last year under an amendment to the State Constitution in 2012.

That case has, as recently as this month, gone before the Louisiana Supreme Court.

– The general mindset seems to be that, as someone on Twitter put it:

@TheBucketShop @KB3WTR I say, if u can’t trust them w/ a gun, u shouldn’t let them out. @rolloutside @Apev990 @Dr_2A @Mellynjess @Rebecca_221B

-The discussion about felons and gun rights sprung out of the debate on whether or not felons should get voting rights. The rationale being that, if felons can be trusted with a vote (in other words, with helping to decide the fate of the city/state/nation around them), why can’t they be trusted with a gun?

– I’ve even met an attorney who, if given the chance, says he’d argue the case. When asked what the odds were of felons owning guns, however, he told me that the courts would likely be the only option, but that it would happen regardless.

@RondeauBH Actually, yes, I do. The vast unwashed won’t like it, neither will state pols, but it’s gonna happen. @KB3WTR @soderstromk

– All that in mind, what are your thoughts? Should felons have their gun rights restored or is it too much of a risk? Should felons be extended the right to vote as well? When has a felon “paid their debt to society” (or is that a debt that can never be repaid)?

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