A summary of Armed Citizen stories from around the country, Federal gun control laws are back following the California shootings/stabbings and various retail stores announce new gun policies. Keeping it brief this week due both to real life and not much of worth actually happening this week.

1.) Armed Citizen. Two men in Salt Lake City were arrested after breaking into a person’s home and threatening their daughter this week. The two men (one of who seems pretty satisfied with himself) were confronted by the woman’s armed father, and ran after he recognized the suspects. They are now facing charges of aggravated burglary and aggravated assault.

A mattress store owner shot a robber who had a gun pointed at his face. The suspect apparently was not killed in the incident, although not much information was released on it otherwise.

Finally, a Marine in Texas shot and killed a man attempting to steal from a GameStop in Houston. Over on Guns Save Lives, Texas easily leads the nation in most documented self-defense stories. It’s almost taken as read that committing any crime in Texas is a bad idea, yet that doesn’t seem to stop anybody.

2.) Self-resolution. A man pistol-whipping another ended up killing his accomplice this week when the gun went off in the process. Moving on.

3.) Federal Restart. To the surprise of those who haven’t been paying attention, the shootings/stabbings in California have led to the re-introduction of federal gun control legislation. This time, whatever measures come out of it will apparently be attached to a spending bill. It says something that this is the method being used, as attempting to pass gun control on its own was a spectacular failure shortly after Newtown. The bill is a slimmed-down version of the last round, including expanded background checks and preserving, as The Hill reports, “a federal rule requiring border-state gun dealers to report bulk purchases of certain semiautomatic rifles, a mandate Republicans are trying to undo in the spending package.”

Considering that Republicans are both disagreeing and introducing amendments against the plan in the House, it is at least looking like the plan has almost no chance of passing. Just like last time.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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