Now that we’ve spent a full week being focused on one single (and semi-volatile) topic, it is now time to back away slowly. Backing out the huge gray area of crime, punishment, and human rights; it is now time to focus on something a bit less heady.

In other words, as Independence Day approaches, it’s time to relax….mostly.

This week, an Iraq insurgent group declares all guns in country that they don’t own illegal, that same Iraq insurgent group faces armed opposition regardless, and why carrying weapons is for cowards (according to people in the UK. STAY WITH ME.)

1.) Independence Day. First, a programming note. Readers from previous iterations of the Midnight Run are familiar with Blowback. For the new readers, here’s a rundown.

Since 2009, I have published an annual Midnight Run for Independence Day, usually dropping at 12:01 AM on July 4th. Independence Day has always been a sort of checkpoint for me in terms of news. Blowback is a night of what is essentially unapologetic flag waving (without getting cartoonishly ‘Murica about it), and what started as a sort of response to what was then known as an “apology tour” has evolved into an annual update on topics ranging from the Tea Party, to survivalism, to the Liberty/self-reliance movement.

Blowback is written from the perspective that the country is anything but “lost” or “finished.” It is written with an eye towards the movements that I believe will lead to a resurgence in our country; a newfound respect for liberty, and a reignited passion for and understanding of the rich history of our Republic — including the sheer effort and sacrifice it took to put the nation together. (Read 1776 by David McCullough sometime.) While I have absolutely no issue with fireworks, or parades, or any of the other festivities that take place during the day; I also have no interest in pretending Independence Day is just another summer holiday.

Blowback: Motivation drops this Independence Day, and will focus on Common Core, the continuing resurgence in firearms, and the increasing resistance to government overreach. On a smaller scale, Motivation will also focus on some of the people in this country doing what they can to either improve life generally or make the best of a crap situation (see also: Winter Storm Leon and Atlanta….and yes I am using Weather Channel names).

With that programming note out of the way, on with Release. Keepin’ it brief this week after the wall of text I hit you with last week. You don’t want to read another thesis paper and I don’t feel like writing another thesis paper.

2.) ISIS. George Mason, one of the authors of the Second Amendment, once stated that “to disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” The Islamic extremist group ISIS, or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has announced that all guns that are not under their control are banned from the territories that are under their control. Additionally, no drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or public gatherings not sanctioned by ISIS will be allowed. Also of note? Females should only go outside “if necessary.” Additionally, all shines graveyards and monuments will be destroyed.

The cultural relativist perspective is that a group that bans guns, restricts the travel of females (and gives them a strict dress code), attacks religious shrines it doesn’t like, and bans public gatherings it doesn’t sanction is on the same level as a group that doesn’t do any of that.

As a final note, the ISIS message? “Repent or die.”

Of course, the gun ban has seen incredible success as of late. Thousands of Iraqis have volunteered to fight ISIS. Apparently “they do not call for salaries and they only want weapons to join the fight against the Isis terrorists.”

Ladies and gents, that is patriotism.

3.) Civil breakdown. In the first chapter of his book “How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It”, survivalist James Wesley Rawles writes:

In my lectures on survial topics I often mention that there is just a thin veneer of civilization on our society. What is underneath is not pretty, and it does not take much to peel away that veneer. You take your average urbanite or suburbanite and get him excessively cold, wet, tired, hungry, and/or thirsty, and take away his television, beer, drugs, and other pacifiers, and you will soon see the savage within. It is like peeling the skin off an onion–remove a couple of layers and it gets very smelly.

According to the Washington Times, the Department of Defense has given funds to universities “so that scientists might study the dynamics of civil unrest — and how the U.S. military might best respond.

In other words, how the military would respond to a massive breakdown in society. Suddenly, all of those side-stream “conspiracy” theories are now government studies.

(In my head, I envision the previous sentence being met by every survivalist reader with “WHO IS CRAZY NOW?!”)

4.) Colorado. Colorado governor John Hickenlooper is apologizing for not meeting with sheriffs prior to the passage of a massive gun control package. The governor added that his administration didn’t anticipate the pushback from passing gun control laws. This comes against the backdrop of a lawsuit many Colorado sheriffs are pursuing against the government, saying the gun control laws violate the Constitution.

5.) Cowards Carry. There is a campaign in the UK focused on “Carry Weapons Awareness.” Part of it’s mission is “to change the mindset of teenagers who think they are ‘cool’ and ‘safe’ carrying a weapon of any kind.” It’s name is it’s message; Only Cowards Carry. Again, it is based in the UK. Please don’t ask where Cookie Monster came from.

In other anti-gun campaign news is this pathetically small protest from Target’s shareholder meeting last week that attracted all of a dozen people and a stroller.

That is all. Moving on.

6.) Clinton. Finally, some notes from Hillary Clinton. In a CNN Town Hall, Clinton basically said that pro-gunners are a “minority” who hold a belief that “terrorizes” the majority of Americans.

Of course, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, we’re not actually looking to terrorize anybody. It links back to the almost-trite “right-wing extremist” lunacy of 2010.

The other problem? We’re not a “small minority.”

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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