This week, Dems look to avoid making gun control a major issue, Louisiana’s governor talks rebellion, and new calls for gun control.

First off, a correction. A Constitutional lawyer on Twitter set me straight about a portion of Midnight Run: Debt. Specifically the part about civil death a late-1800s legal concept in which those convicted of henious crimes were, in the eyes of the law, dead.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, it was declared unconstitutional a LONG time ago.

While the idea of not restoring rights to felons at all still has weight, it was perhaps wrong of me to link that part of the argument to an aspect of our legal system that has been blocked for decades. I apologize for the error, and would like to thank @RondeauBH on Twitter for bringing this to my attention.

Secondly, as some of you may be aware, the massive Debt update was featured on the Facebook page of Modern Arms. As I told the editor, to be featured on such a page was an honor, and I thank him once again for it.

There was a very civil debate on the subject on MA’s Facebook post, with people bringing in all sorts of viewpoints from suggesting that a person who is not trusted should not be released, to the idea that felons (at least violent ones) lost their rights the moment they were convicted. The debate from those who disagreed with the idea that misdemeanors are not sufficient for banning firearms ownership was a far cry from the “you support wife-beaters” message I had discussed at the opening of Debt.

It is perhaps unfortunate that civil debate must be held up as an anomaly, but I have no problem highlighting the discussion the MA community had on what is a controversial and very sensitive topic. For the record, I only entered the thread to thank everybody for the discussion. I decided against jumping in, preferring to watch people discuss from the sidelines.

Nonetheless, I am grateful for being featured, and learning quite a bit from the MA community. If you came back to the Run from Modern Arms, welcome. I hope you enjoy this week, and the big July 4th entry coming up.

And now, let us get to the main course. This is Midnight Run: Formation. Keeping it brief because A.) not much going on and B.) because Blowback.

Thank you to Catty Conservative and This Is The Line’s Armed Novelist for their assistance in gathering stories for this week.

1.) Elections. Perhaps showing the "strength" of the anti-gun movement, Dems in Colorado (where gun control led to a recall) and Louisiana have been distancing themselves from Americans For Responsible Solutions, a gun control group headed up by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Specifically LA’s Mary Landrieu and CO’s Mark Udall. Both are hoping to keep the 2nd Amendment from becoming election issues.

Because, contrary to the rhetoric, gun control is not popular enough to run on. There is a “strong movement” among keyboard activists, but not anything physical or beyond emotional arguments.

2.) Revolt. Leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said he believes there is a rebellion against Washington brewing, although he also described it as a “hostile takeover.” Continuing his in-no-uncertain- terms language he added:

“I am tired of the left. They say they’re for tolerance, they say they respect diversity. The reality is this: They respect everybody unless you happen to disagree with them,” he said. “The left is trying to silence us and I’m tired of it, I won’t take it anymore.”

3.) Debt. A bill in California that goes by the name “gun violence restraining order” passed a Senate committee this week. The bill would allow family members, police, and health professionals to order a person’s firearms to be confiscated if any of them believed the person was about to commit a violent act. Critics are noting that the process under which the guns are taken violate the person’s right to due process.

This links back to Midnight Run: Debt and there is not much I can say here that wasn’t said in Debt, or that the Modern Arms community didn’t take on.

Also as a follow up to Debt? Rand Paul wants to restore voting rights to some non-violent felons.

Moving on. (Can we please put this to rest now?)

4.) Semantics. President Obama signaled the start of a new push for gun control. At a town hall event, he said that “we should be able to take some basic, common sense steps that are, by the way, supported by most responsible gun owners. Like having background checks so you can’t just walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic.

It should be a fun few months. Semi-auto stuff on the Federal level, the “gun violence restraining order (odd how it’s just gun violence) in California.

5.) Blowback. Next week, we lighten up……finally. With help from Lady Liberty’s A.P. Dillon we look at the battle against Common Core. With help from my colleagues Armed Novelist and Catty Conservative, we put the liberty movement center stage.

The liberty movement, the militia movement, and Common Core all in the pipeline, plus a few smaller stories on the lighter side of the news.

We put the heavy stuff away, and celebrate the Fourth of July.

Blowback: Motivation drops July 4th, 12:01AM.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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