Why Opposition To Common Core Is Winning


Over at Instapundit, he has a link up to a Reason.com article:

JUNE 26, 2014

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: The Populist Uprising Against Common Core Is Libertarian and It’s Winning.

I left a comment on the Instapundit link that hits on an indicator showing we’re winning which reads:

The fight is really not right or left, but right down the middle. I’ve been in this fight almost two years now in NC — I’ve seen every walk of life & political ideology there is fighting Common Core. 
The article is right. We are winning. The indication of that is that supporters are now resorting to passive-aggressively calling Opposition to Common Core racist.
The new talking point is: If you oppose Common Core, you oppose this White House and President. 

See how that works? By hinting opposition somehow is based in not liking the President instead of the myriad of…

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