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Alright, Blowback’s out, the celebrations are over, and now we ease the Midnight run back into a normal format. This week, This Is The Line’s Armed Novelist on the language of the gun control debate, the word “Tea Baggers” returns in time for the election, and gun clubs meet country clubs. Keeping it brief and, for the most part, keeping it light.

1.) Armed Novelist. I mentioned a few weeks back that frequent Midnight Run contributor Armed Novelist has launched a blog of his own. Shortly after Independence Day he released a new entry called “The Language of Control.” In the piece, he discusses a recent speech by President Obama in which he said “we should be able to take some basic, common sense steps that are, by the way, supported by most responsible gun owners. Like having background checks so you can’t just walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic.” Leaving aside the rather obvious fact that nobody can do that, the switch from “assault rifle” to “semi-automatic” is both important and concerning to gun rights advocates.

2.) Distrust. While I don’t necessarily think polls should be seen as absolute truths, they are still worth at least paying attention to. A new Quinnipiac suggests that, while everybody (presumably) wants to lower crime to the greatest degree possible, most people don’t trust politicians to implement solutions for it.

It is also becoming clear that Mike Bloomberg’s gun control groups have had next to no influence.

3.) Seizures. That doesn’t mean people aren’t trying to ban guns regardless. The latest trend seems to be to allow guns to be seized purely on accusation. Gun control people love it, anyone with a decent understanding of the Constitution and due process hate it.

It says a lot, though, that we’re willing to torch a person’s right to due process of law if it means we can feel safer.

4.) Tea-Baggers. Shotgun Joe Biden is back. Apparently John Walsh is getting a program on CNN, which he vowed would continue Piers Morgan’s efforts on gun control. Walsh told reporters that he spoke to Joe Biden on the topic of guns once. National Review has the transcript:

“I said to Joe Biden, ‘90 percent of Americans are for a responsible background check for a gun, and you know what this Congress has done? Not voted on it, not brought it to the floor, not introduced a bill,’” he recalled to reporters during an event for his upcoming program, a crime show called The Hunt. “I said, ‘They’re all scared shitless of the NRA, aren’t they?’”

“‘John, every one of them,’” the vice president replied, according to Walsh. “‘Because the NRA will run a tea-bagger against you. . . . They’ll put 5 million bucks against you.’”

It should be noted that a lot of people attribute Morgan’s poor ratings to his gun control crusade. He has basically vowed to follow the path that doomed his predecessor.

5.) Checkpoint. An article over on Truth About Guns makes a simple, and fairly optimistic statement: What a difference a decade makes for gun rights.

Illinois has gone shall issue, of course here in Georgia we have HB60, and a host of other pro-gun legislation came online July 1st. TTAG focuses in particular on Kansas; which in the span of 10 years went from banning most NFA items and concealed carry (and allowing local municipalities to create their own gun laws) to having a state preemption law (giving the State Legislature sole authority on gun regulations) to allowing NFAs and concealed carry.

I would also add that the Colorado gun control laws were followed by the Colorado recalls.

6.) High-class range. “What do you get when you merge a shooting range and a country club? Leaving aside the fact that we’re at that point, apparently the so-called “guntry clubs” are an emerging trend in the shooting sports world. Washington Times has a story out on a massive complex in Gainsville, Virginia that will “house two 25-yard ranges, a 50-yard range and a 100-yard range, a 1,600-square-foot, two-story live-fire shoot house for law enforcement training, a cafe, a lounge and a 5,000-square-foot retail area.”

Range time is going high-class, people. It’s either a sign of the hobby going mainstream or an attempt to mainstream it regardless.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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