Pulling back a bit from being myopically focused on firearms this week, to focus on the liberty movement in general. Gun rights, gay rights, and stuff on millennials this week. Keeping it brief this week on a count of a ridiculously slow news week barring the Israel/Gaza madness, and a new plane crash for CNN, with help from Catty Conservative and This Is The Line’s Armed Novelist.

1.) Rand Paul. In an op-ed in USA Today, Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky lays out his reasoning for the REDEEM Act, a bill slated to reform aspects of our criminal “justice” system and give at least people with non-violent felony convictions a “second chance.” The bill, if passed, would order the criminal records of minors to be sealed, and provide a path for adults to seal their records as well. (Note I said sealed not expunged. The former hides the record, the latter destroys it outright.

2.) Hope for the future. A Reason-Rupe poll suggests that a majority of millennials, at least in some respects, lean libertarian politically. This poll flies in the face of conventional “wisdom” which is that the same generation is more focused on entitlements and “social justice.”

3.) California. The governor of California signed a handgun ban into law this week. The law has nothing to do with the “gun violence restraining order” which has been stuck in the Senate since June because apparently due process still means something. Moving on.

4.) GOP and Gays. There’s been a shift in rhetoric from Republicans relating to the subject of gay marriage. Governors from various states have been slowly backing off their opposition to the topic, but also trying to keep focus on the party’s “major” issues like the economy.

Whether it is an evolution in rhetoric or caving to the “gay lobby” is completely up to you.

5.) Impressive collection. Two men in California were arrested after a search warrant turned up about 300 weapons despite that “prior convictions” legally barred them from owning a single firearm. The men also were said to have “anti-government thoughts and ideals”….because that’s so rare at this point isn’t it?

Just to put a point on it, these men weren’t supposed to have ONE firearm, but managed to get THREE-HUNDRED.

6.) Hobby Lobby Aftermath. I’ve never understood how some people’s first refuge in a debate is the death threat or ad hominem. Pride, apparently, is a much bigger deal than admitting one is wrong. Nobody knows this better right now than Holly Fisher, whose photograph of herself in front of a Hobby Lobby with a Chick-fil-a drink and “pro-life” shirt subjected her to no shortage of bile from critics of those three. A follow-up image of herself in front of an American flag with a gun in one hand and Bible in the other also scored her comparisons to a widower of the 7/7 attacks in London. (Not based on who they are, but on the POSE both women have in their respective photographs. Apparently that’s enough evidence for conviction.)

She seems to be rolling with the punches, though. Twitter handle is @HollyRFisher.

Ignorance is not in short supply on the Internet. But just because it’s in abundance doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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