Shifting Battlelines

DC goes Constitutional Carry for all of two days, a look back at when Illinois went Shall Issue and Detroit’s crime issue, New York DHS wants people to rat out preppers, and Everytown’s domestic violence ad backfires spectacularly.

Thanks as always to Armed Novelist and Catty Conservative for their help in getting the Run together. Keeping it brief this week.

1.) DC. Following a Federal Court ruling that DC’s ban on carrying firearms was unconstitutional, the District followed a constitutional carry system….for all of two days.

Two days after the ruling, the DC Attorney General got a 90-day stay on the ruling, using mostly the “public safety” argument.

It’s likely this is the start of a long battle, but that Constitutional Carry is possible in the nation’s capital is very encouraging. It would give a major boost to the Constitutional Carry movement.

2.) History Lesson. Of course, the other two strong points are when Illinois became the last state to have some form of concealed carry law and when the chief of the Detroit police creditied the drop in crime to an armed citizenry. On the flipside, the promises of bloodshed and non-stop murder have yet to materialize.

It isn’t entirely relevant to DC, but it is worth going back to both as a demonstration of the effectiveness of an armed citizenry as an anti-crime tool AND in demonstrating that supposed anti-gun strongholds can and are becoming much less so. The wall is crumbling.

3.) Fear the Prepper. Preppers, people who prepare for disasters, are apparently a thorn in the government’s side. An article on Even Chronicle shows that the New York DHS has been releasing signs asking citizens to turn in other citizens who buy MREs, ammo, flashlights, match containers, and other “prepper” merch in bulk.

Word of advice: Never rat out the man you’re going to end up depending on in a disaster.

4.) Everytown Backfire. In its efforts to pass yet another “common sense” gun law, (this time involving permanent bans for people convicted of stalking and a few other crimes), Everytown Demands Action From Illegal Mayors released this dramatic ad depicting a woman on the phone with 911 while an abusive ex demands to be let into the home. While she’s on the phone with 911, the man breaks into the home and gets into an altercation with the woman. He backs up, produces a handgun, and the video cuts to black.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, many who see the video are asking why the woman didn’t have a firearm. Even The View, widely regarded as a left-leaning program, ended up slamming the ad’s message, and arguing for women to own guns to defend themselves.

Unfortunately for Everytown, an incident a few days later demonstrated the video’s polar opposite, with a woman defending herself against an attacker.

It’s something we need to see a lot more of. Forget relying on the law to provide protection…..and instead provide your own.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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