Random Thoughts: Programming Notes

Since the release of the Midnight Run: Debt update regarding felons, misdemeanors and gun rights, (http://midnightrunnews.com/2014/06/14/special-edition-debt/ — This one.) I’ve had a few conversations about the topic that I wanted to highlight. On Twitter, @Browncoat_Atty is a constitutional lawyer in New York. He has provided more than enough feedback on the topic.

https://twitter.com/Browncoat_Atty/status/497142856373776384 — In regards to the idea of felons owning guns, he notes that we do not restrict the other Constitutional rights, yet oddly make a distinction for the right to bear arms.

https://twitter.com/Browncoat_Atty/status/499360752344768512 — It’s also worth noting that the Supreme Court has not actually ruled on the prohibition itself.

https://twitter.com/Browncoat_Atty/status/481819228232617984 — Also, he gave me what is probably the best response to anti-gun accusations that one “supports violent criminals.” “I would respond with, “No, I support civil rights, not Scarlet Letter legislation. ” ”

There is enough material for a second round of Midnight Run: Debt, especially with the advent of the REDEEM Act in the Senate. I’m just not sure when I’m going to get around to it right now. In all likelihood, it will be a series, focusing next on the punishments for various crimes, and finally on how to rehabilitate people (prison’s original purpose, ostensibly) and restore their rights as citizens upon release.

Also in the pipe is a look at how law enforcement perceives CCW. A project I’m calling “Blue Line.”

I’m at Twitter.com/KB3WTR

Additionally, Catty Conservative, Armed Novelist and I have decided to link our respective work together into what we are calling the Individual Sovereignty Network or InSov. The Twitter there is Twitter.com/insovnetwork.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.
– Jordan

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