California passes “mental health” and ammo confiscation, Moms Demand Action supporters advocate for committing misdemeanor theft and felony SWATting of Kroger customers, and the implications of the November Elections. The real agenda is finally starting to become blatantly obvious. Keeping it brief this week while the planet watches Ferguson burn.

Thanks to my InSov Network colleagues Armed Novelist and Catty Conservative for their assistance in getting the Run together.

1.) California. Because California gun laws apparently weren’t tight enough, lawmakers in the state have passed two gun control measures relating to mental health and ammunition. The former, according to KCRA, “would require officers to search the state’s database of gun purchases when checking on whether someone may be a danger to themselves or others.”

The latter requires ammo vendors to be licensed and requires background checks for ammo purchases leaving aside the fact that background checks on guns don’t help to begin with.

The latter, by the way, was written by CA state Senator Kevin de Leon. The guy who talked about “ghost guns.”

CA lawmakers also passed a ban on the sale of Confederate flags.

2.) Theft and murder. When you are part of a dying movement, you tend to get desperate. Bearing Arms has a report out about anti-gun advocates calling for stealing from Kroger and “SWATting” legal gun owners. “SWATting” is the practice of calling a SWAT team on somebody has a means of harrassment.

The practice of anti-gunners SWATting somebody is also blamed for the death of someone carrying an airsoft gun.

So apparently when peaceful protests fail, steal from grocery stores and get people killed….and then somehow claim that you are anti-violence.

3.) VOTE. In the off chance you needed a reason to get off of your ass and vote this November, NBC News recently mulled that the November elections may be a referendum on the topic of gun control. NBC, of course, is still laying out how they will explain away a loss should one occur this November.

But even NBC can figure out that November might be yet another sign that the movement is coming to an end. It is no surprise the some of the people with a LOT invested in it have taken to illegal methods.

4.) Badass. Leaving the rest of us with no real excuses, a 27-year-old Iraq vet who lost his leg in an IED was offered a pro-wrestling contract. The vet, Sgt. Chris Melendez, defeated 2 fighters in an August 8th event at the Manhattan Center.

There really isn’t much else to say here except that he’s just a badass for doing that.

5.) Commonality. Finally tonight, a note from Philly.com. The headline should tip you off to the state of the gun debate: Increasingly, guns are common in public places.

There is, of course, this gem:

“I open my front door and walk in public spaces in Georgia,” said Kathryn Grant, cofounder of the Georgia Gun Sense Coalition. “Most people don’t think about the potential of violence erupting because it’s not a reference point, it’s not a part of their experience yet.”

For some, the acceptability of guns and the number of people who could potentially be carrying is terrifying.

“If I thought about the possibility of the increased number of guns now that are being carried in places, it would have a paralyzing effect, and I won’t let that happen,” Grant said.

Two ways to look at it.

Stay ignorant, stay afraid, stay unarmed
Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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