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A lot of stories breaking this week that either update or reinforce past Midnight Runs, specifically the massive Dirt And Blood update as well as the Harassment update of only two weeks ago. On the run this week, an armed citizen shoots a person who beheaded someone, video and 911 tapes from the shooting of John Crawford (the man SWATted to death by “ex-Marine” Ronnie Ritchie….we’ll get to him too, I assure you), a woman shoots her stalker of several months and posts the story online.

My Insov Network colleague Catty Conservative was all over the Oklahoma beheading story this week. Much of the links came from her.

1.) Dirt And Blood Update. The crux of Dirt And Blood was that items seen as “non-lethal” or “less-lethal” than guns can, in the right hands, be just as if not more lethal than guns. This week, we have a clear example of this out of Moore, Oklahoma. A man at a food plant there beheaded someone for apparently refusing to convert to Islam as the suspect, 30-year-old Alton Nolen, had done recently. His public Facebook profile is also being scrutinized, showing a fairly radical man, with special attention being given to a photograph of Pope Benedict with the caption “SHARIA LAW IS COMING”

He was shot by the plant company’s COO, but is expected to survive.

A gun merely injured, but a knife was used to behead somebody. Lethality is binary. Whether a weapon is or is not lethal depends on the person holding it. The premise of Dirt and Blood stands.

Outside the scope of this Run, but no less important, is a report in the Gateway Pundit showing Muslims shouting “praise Allah” at a press conference police held after the story broke.

2.) Harassment. Back in Midnight Run: Harassment, we discussed the growing trend of SWATting. Specifically we focused on the case of John Crawford III, a black teen shot as a result of a SWATting incident at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio. It is becoming more apparent that Mr. Crawford was SWATted by a man feeding a 911 operator false information. Bearing Arms has an excellent recap of the story, and how the 911 caller changed his story once evidence emerged he was wrong.

Now, several weeks later, the surveillance footage and 911 audio have been released. Cincinnati NBC affiliate WLWT has posted a video running the audio and video in real-time, and the result is simply shocking. The discrepancy between the caller’s description of Mr. Crawford and his actions on camera is simply stunning. As a warning, WLWT did not censor Mr. Crawford being shot. The video is raw, and in-full.

As of yet, Richtie is not facing charges. He recently spoke to WHIO for an incredibly difficult to tolerate interview. The family is calling for action to be taken against Richtie….and so is everyone else, I would hope.

Those are the updates to past Midnight Runs, but we still have new material.

3.) Confiscation. An op-ed on has pretty much called for the confiscation of firearms in response to the Newtown shootings. They end the op-ed rather passive-aggressively:

We understand this is not going to happen. Neither American courts nor most of the public would support it. As a nation we remain wedded to the delusion that gun ownership stops crime.

Of course, no discussion of the phrase “turn them all in” is complete without a bit of news regarding Diane Feinstein.

4.) 1994 Gun Ban. First off, in regards to the Semi-Auto Ban, check out this excellent video from the NRA from a few years back.

Anyway, a new report by ProPublica says that the 1994 gun ban was not nearly as effective as she has claimed recently. It certainly would not have stopped the Newtown shooter. Feinstein famously threw together a ton of scary buzzwords in a 2013 speech on the floor.

“We have had enough of the development of highly militarized weapons — easy to shoot, big clips, 100-plus bullets in each large-velocity gun — falling into the hands of grievance killers, juveniles, people mentally disturbed,”

Except we now know have even more evidence that Sen. Feinstein’s bill would be utterly useless.

4.) Stalkers. A woman’s chilling recount of her encounter with a stalker has been surging around the Internet this week. The woman, who does not identify herself, posted the story, as well as a photograph of where the bullets landed on her door. The stalker was shot twice, but did not die of his injuries. Bearing Arms took the whole deal a bit further:

Let’s be brutally honest here, America: gun control groups Like Moms Demand Action don’t give a damn about your safety or survival.

They’re far more interested in your death, as long as they can blame it on “gun violence.”

If you’re strangled, stabbed, hacked, or bludgeoned to death, you’re “NaN” to them… not a number, a statistic that they can’t use. In their dark little hearts, they’re hoping that you’ll be killed with a gun, to be another useful bit of data to spin as they seek to limit the liberties of your fellow Americans.

They won’t talk about this incident, where the bad guy gets shot. They never do. They avoid the hundreds of thousands to millions of defensive gun uses every year like the plague. They don’t want to you to know the reality that this young woman in Las Vegas now knows firsthand.

There is a reason women are the main force behind the recent surge in firearms. Guns are the equalizer.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

Brevity 2

Outside of the irony of the same person who let Ray Rice off with a warning and an intervention program going after a woman who carried a gun into the state accidentally as if she committed a vile criminal act (3 years and a felony conviction? Really?) there isn’t much that is worth covering this week. Keeping it brief, and to-the-point in what has been a rather dull week in firearms news.

1.) Open Carry. A new law in Mississippi that critics claimed would lead to more violence….didn’t. Meanwhile, in Kansas, a new law giving the state legislature sole authority over firearms regulation (known as a “pre-emption” law), went into effect, which made open carry legal statewide.

Both bills had basically the same promises of bloodshed Georgia’s HB60 did. HB60 went into effect July 1 of this year, and we’re still waiting on the promised death, torment, and destruction of all that is good and pure. (That would be overdramatic, if they weren’t making some BIG promises by calling it “guns everywhere.”)

2.) Kroger. A pair of highly-publicized events at Krogers last week involving a racially-motivated beating and an armed robber getting shot don’t seem to have stopped Moms Demand Action’s campaign against the supermarket chain. A chapter in Lansing, Michigan was protesting outside of a local Kroger, and was invited to speak to the management there. The management told them that the company was not expected to change its policy, and Michigan Kroger reps also said that a change was “not likely.”

3.) Assault Weapons. The New York Times has finally admitted what anyone who understands firearms has known for years. The term “assault weapons” is a myth. “Assault weapons”, of course, was the term used as a battering ram for the Clinton gun ban; the idea of “powerful, military-style assault weapons.” It has been something pro-gunners have been fighting against for years. (Incidentally, NRANews did an excellent video years ago on the Clinton gun ban.)

4.) Civics. I’m just going to lay it out and then close for the week. There is a new survey out suggesting that only 36 percent of Americans can name the three branches of the Federal government. Just over one-third, people.

Stay INFORMED. Stay alert. Stay free.


This week, SWATting is our primary focus. SWATting is the act of giving a false report to 911 about someone a person wants to harass doing something extremely violent when in fact he’s not doing anything. Also this week, we have news on a beating at a Kroger and a self-defense shooting at a Kroger, both of which while the supermarket chain is coming under pressure from a desperate anti-gun group.

1.) Walmart. This hit an apex in the firearms community when the killing of John Crawford III at an Ohio Walmart. Mr. Crawford was holding a BB gun that apparently had what Bearing Arms called a “vague resemblance” to the FN SCAR rife. The “ex-Marine” told a 911 operator that a black man was “walking around with a gun in the store.”

About a month later, Ritchie changed his story. It also turns out that he was thrown out of the Corps after being declared a “fraudulent enlistment.”

This is important from a gun rights perspective because anti-gun activists and left-wing talkers have been suggesting everything from theft, to SWATting/murder, to assault when they see someone open carrying. Not because the person is an active threat, but because “he has a gun.”

Yes, the people opposed to legal activity are protesting via illegal activity….even if it results in an innocent person getting killed.

2.) Westfield High School. SWATting also seems to be the modern way to call in bomb threats. Two such threats were called in to Westfield High School in Chantilly, VA. The threats were, of course, false, but managed to put the school on a sort of lockdown while police swept the area.

3.) Gaming. A man streaming the video game “Minecraft” on Twitch has also found himself the victim of a SWATting call. In fact, he has been SWATted for two straight weeks.

It doesn’t take much thought to see how SWATting is equal parts dangerous, criminal, and a waste of law enforcement resources. The FBI first warned people of this back in 2008, but it seems to have come to prominence fairly recently. The FBI released a new report on the act in September of last year.

4.) Kroger. Kroger has come under fire for it’s long-standing-but-recently-offensive-because-reasons policy of allowing people legally able to carry to do so in their stores. Despite the onslaught from Moms Demand Action From Illegal Mayors in Everytown, the company has upheld the policy, saying that they trust people to be “responsible in our stores.”

Aside from the nod to the ancient idea of personal responsibility, a practice society jettisoned around the turn of the century, two widely-publicized incidents have made the argument a bit harder to justify.

The first is an assault on Kroger employees and a customer, which was captured on video by a man later heard shouting “they got a white dude.”

The second is a man fatally shot trying to rob a Kroger in Indianapolis this week.

It’s defenselessness vs. armed defense.

There was also a story about Panera Bread “requesting” people not bring guns to their stores. Panera says it will follow state law regardless, but this was seen as a landmark victory by people who ignored that part.

It says a lot when a movement can be sedated with a single meaningless press release, frankly.

5.) Brawling while nude. A man in Greenville, Michigan apparently decided to sleep on the couch in someone else’s home last weekend. He was found by the home’s owner drunk and naked, who then got a shotgun and tried to wake him. An altercation followed which resulted in the homeowner shooting the drunk, naked intruder in the chest, killing him.

6.) Taxes. Finally this week, gun sales in Mississippi surged last weekend. The state held a Louisiana-style tax holiday.

Nothing else was changed in the buying process, but it wouldn’t shock me to see this spread.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.


Another State looks to make gun ownership a fundamental right, a fleeing criminal gets hit by a truck, and Harvey Weinstein seemingly reneges on swearing off violent movies. Time to depressurize after Dirt and Blood, so we’re keeping it brief and keeping it light.

Thanks as always to my InSov colleagues for helping gather the news this week. The Network makes it’s home at

1.) Shall Not Be Infringed. In what is seemingly like a monthly story at this point, another state, this time Alabama, is looking to make owning firearms a “fundamental right” Critics say it could dismantle the existing limits on gun ownership and possession. (Which it could….and that’s a good thing.)

Louisiana has it, Missouri has it, now Alabama is going for it. This is spreading.

2.) Karma. A man in Florida left three dead this week, but while trying to flee the scene he was struck by a (arguably heroic) pickup truck driver, who didn’t see the man and ended up running him over. He reportedly broke his legs, back, and neck. Police say the suspect may have killed more people had the driver not run him down, and far as anyone can tell, they are refusing to press charges against the driver.

3.) Campus Carry. A story from Idaho suggests that campus carry is part of a growing movement. As many of you will recall, HB60 did not contain campus carry, but that seems to be on the list for next year here in Georgia.

Picture the firearms landscape as the “gun-free zone” of college campuses slowly evolves into an area where people are allowed to defend themselves. Other GFZs will almost surely follow.

4.) Violence in Media. Harvey Weinstein seems to be going back from his statement that he wouldn’t make extremely violent films. A note from the NRA-ILA observes that his recent productions seem to be at odds with his claim to avoid violence in film. Namely? He is a producer on Kill Bill 3, a series nobody with any sense would call “non-violent.”

5.) Modern Western. Finally this week, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a story out about a man who helped Ferguson (yes, THAT Ferguson) police detain a suspect on horseback.

So in the same week we have a man fleeing a crime and getting hit by a truck AND a man being detained by someone on horseback. Fighting crime gets creative this week.

Back to the news next week. Insov is on, I’m at

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.