Another State looks to make gun ownership a fundamental right, a fleeing criminal gets hit by a truck, and Harvey Weinstein seemingly reneges on swearing off violent movies. Time to depressurize after Dirt and Blood, so we’re keeping it brief and keeping it light.

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1.) Shall Not Be Infringed. In what is seemingly like a monthly story at this point, another state, this time Alabama, is looking to make owning firearms a “fundamental right” Critics say it could dismantle the existing limits on gun ownership and possession. (Which it could….and that’s a good thing.)

Louisiana has it, Missouri has it, now Alabama is going for it. This is spreading.

2.) Karma. A man in Florida left three dead this week, but while trying to flee the scene he was struck by a (arguably heroic) pickup truck driver, who didn’t see the man and ended up running him over. He reportedly broke his legs, back, and neck. Police say the suspect may have killed more people had the driver not run him down, and far as anyone can tell, they are refusing to press charges against the driver.

3.) Campus Carry. A story from Idaho suggests that campus carry is part of a growing movement. As many of you will recall, HB60 did not contain campus carry, but that seems to be on the list for next year here in Georgia.

Picture the firearms landscape as the “gun-free zone” of college campuses slowly evolves into an area where people are allowed to defend themselves. Other GFZs will almost surely follow.

4.) Violence in Media. Harvey Weinstein seems to be going back from his statement that he wouldn’t make extremely violent films. A note from the NRA-ILA observes that his recent productions seem to be at odds with his claim to avoid violence in film. Namely? He is a producer on Kill Bill 3, a series nobody with any sense would call “non-violent.”

5.) Modern Western. Finally this week, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a story out about a man who helped Ferguson (yes, THAT Ferguson) police detain a suspect on horseback.

So in the same week we have a man fleeing a crime and getting hit by a truck AND a man being detained by someone on horseback. Fighting crime gets creative this week.

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