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A lot of stories breaking this week that either update or reinforce past Midnight Runs, specifically the massive Dirt And Blood update as well as the Harassment update of only two weeks ago. On the run this week, an armed citizen shoots a person who beheaded someone, video and 911 tapes from the shooting of John Crawford (the man SWATted to death by “ex-Marine” Ronnie Ritchie….we’ll get to him too, I assure you), a woman shoots her stalker of several months and posts the story online.

My Insov Network colleague Catty Conservative was all over the Oklahoma beheading story this week. Much of the links came from her.

1.) Dirt And Blood Update. The crux of Dirt And Blood was that items seen as “non-lethal” or “less-lethal” than guns can, in the right hands, be just as if not more lethal than guns. This week, we have a clear example of this out of Moore, Oklahoma. A man at a food plant there beheaded someone for apparently refusing to convert to Islam as the suspect, 30-year-old Alton Nolen, had done recently. His public Facebook profile is also being scrutinized, showing a fairly radical man, with special attention being given to a photograph of Pope Benedict with the caption “SHARIA LAW IS COMING”

He was shot by the plant company’s COO, but is expected to survive.

A gun merely injured, but a knife was used to behead somebody. Lethality is binary. Whether a weapon is or is not lethal depends on the person holding it. The premise of Dirt and Blood stands.

Outside the scope of this Run, but no less important, is a report in the Gateway Pundit showing Muslims shouting “praise Allah” at a press conference police held after the story broke.

2.) Harassment. Back in Midnight Run: Harassment, we discussed the growing trend of SWATting. Specifically we focused on the case of John Crawford III, a black teen shot as a result of a SWATting incident at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio. It is becoming more apparent that Mr. Crawford was SWATted by a man feeding a 911 operator false information. Bearing Arms has an excellent recap of the story, and how the 911 caller changed his story once evidence emerged he was wrong.

Now, several weeks later, the surveillance footage and 911 audio have been released. Cincinnati NBC affiliate WLWT has posted a video running the audio and video in real-time, and the result is simply shocking. The discrepancy between the caller’s description of Mr. Crawford and his actions on camera is simply stunning. As a warning, WLWT did not censor Mr. Crawford being shot. The video is raw, and in-full.

As of yet, Richtie is not facing charges. He recently spoke to WHIO for an incredibly difficult to tolerate interview. The family is calling for action to be taken against Richtie….and so is everyone else, I would hope.

Those are the updates to past Midnight Runs, but we still have new material.

3.) Confiscation. An op-ed on has pretty much called for the confiscation of firearms in response to the Newtown shootings. They end the op-ed rather passive-aggressively:

We understand this is not going to happen. Neither American courts nor most of the public would support it. As a nation we remain wedded to the delusion that gun ownership stops crime.

Of course, no discussion of the phrase “turn them all in” is complete without a bit of news regarding Diane Feinstein.

4.) 1994 Gun Ban. First off, in regards to the Semi-Auto Ban, check out this excellent video from the NRA from a few years back.

Anyway, a new report by ProPublica says that the 1994 gun ban was not nearly as effective as she has claimed recently. It certainly would not have stopped the Newtown shooter. Feinstein famously threw together a ton of scary buzzwords in a 2013 speech on the floor.

“We have had enough of the development of highly militarized weapons — easy to shoot, big clips, 100-plus bullets in each large-velocity gun — falling into the hands of grievance killers, juveniles, people mentally disturbed,”

Except we now know have even more evidence that Sen. Feinstein’s bill would be utterly useless.

4.) Stalkers. A woman’s chilling recount of her encounter with a stalker has been surging around the Internet this week. The woman, who does not identify herself, posted the story, as well as a photograph of where the bullets landed on her door. The stalker was shot twice, but did not die of his injuries. Bearing Arms took the whole deal a bit further:

Let’s be brutally honest here, America: gun control groups Like Moms Demand Action don’t give a damn about your safety or survival.

They’re far more interested in your death, as long as they can blame it on “gun violence.”

If you’re strangled, stabbed, hacked, or bludgeoned to death, you’re “NaN” to them… not a number, a statistic that they can’t use. In their dark little hearts, they’re hoping that you’ll be killed with a gun, to be another useful bit of data to spin as they seek to limit the liberties of your fellow Americans.

They won’t talk about this incident, where the bad guy gets shot. They never do. They avoid the hundreds of thousands to millions of defensive gun uses every year like the plague. They don’t want to you to know the reality that this young woman in Las Vegas now knows firsthand.

There is a reason women are the main force behind the recent surge in firearms. Guns are the equalizer.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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