Grab Bag 4

UK gun owners face warrantless searches of their homes, a bizarre trend of criminals being made as victims, and young girls leading the charge for the next generation of gun owners. Plus, Forbes on how gun control is impacting this year’s election.

I try to look for themes for these things; running narratives that connect all of the stories. That hasn’t been working lately.

1.) Nothing to hide. Picture if you will, that your government had the ability to search your guns without warrant or warning. The government claims that it is to ensure safe storage of firearms, that the firearms are “legal”, and that they don’t fall into the hands of terrorists. “Where it is judged necessary,” the government claims, and “based on specific intelligence in light of a particular threat, or risk of harm, the police may undertake an unannounced home visit to check the security of a certificate holder’s firearms and shotguns.”

In the United Kingdom, that is happening right now. In fact, the quote above is not something I made up, but rather something the British Home Office wrote.

2.) Kroger. Moms Demand Action is getting nowhere in their fight to get Kroger to ban firearms. With Kroger’s annual meeting coming up, the gun/citizen control group is going to “protest” outside of the company’s corporate HQ. Given that protests by anti-gun organizations have tended to be 80% baffled media, 10% actual activists and 10% random passerby who don’t get involved, there doesn’t seem to be too much to be concerned with here.

3.) Australia. No, we’re not going to rail on Australia’s gun laws. Far from it. There is a story this week in the Courier Mail about how young girls are getting involved in the shooting sports at record rates. The response from Gun Control Australia (at least they’re honest) has been to urge the Senate to lift the legal age of firearms ownership to 18.

Women leading the charge for guns here, and leading the charge for the next generation of gun owners in Australia.

Moral of the story: Don’t screw with women. Ever.

4.) Victimization. In what Bearing Arms later termed as blaming a shooting on the scapegoat artist “Dindu Nuffin”, there has been a strange trend in where the families of people killed in legitimate self-defense shootings make the case that the suspect would never do exactly what he just did.

There’s not much room to move on this subject, but it is worth noting that the media is giving these people a lot more attention.

5.) Outrage. The action in Ferguson has become a circus. People threatening violence if Officer Wilson is not convicted, social justice warriors on Twitter doing the same, and generally we have seen a complete disregard for facts in exchange for a focus on “righteous outrage.” Bearing Arms has a report out on the “terrorists” of Ferguson that is very much worth reading.

Whether it’s Gamergate or Ferguson, the signal coming from both is clear: rational debate is dead, facts are irrelevant, and having an opinion is dangerous.

Yet people wonder why one would need to carry a firearm when people are that reactionary.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.


An “unarmed teen with a sandwich” is found to have shot at the officer who killed him, Moms Demand Action calls on Kroger to ban guns after an armed robbery, and some notes from “Americans for Responsible Solutions.” A lot of people are clinging to very specific narratives, even while they are completely falling apart.

Not much happening this week worth covering, frankly.

1.) Kroger. Cognitive dissonance is defined as holding two conflicting opinions simultaneously. Moms Demand Action is an anti-gun group, and therefore is no stranger to the idea. (People commit crimes with guns, so ban guns from everyone else.) A man wearing a mask and armed with a handgun robbed a Kroger in Cincinnati this week, leading to MDA to call the robbery “a wake up call to Kroger’s leadership to prohibit the open carry of firearms in its stores.

Open Carry Texas notes that MDA is taking a second angle on this as well, tying the armed robber to everyone who open carries firearms. Because, following the “fear everyone” mindset, it is more worthwhile to assume the man with a gun is dangerous because “he just is.”

2.) St. Louis. Since the case against Ferguson officer Darren Wilson has been getting shakier by the week, the media and other race-baiters have been looking for a 2nd round they could go after to try and stoke more tensions. The case of Vonderrit Myers Jr. in St. Louis seemed to provide that. Vonderrit was killed after being shot 17 times by police. Police say that he shot at them, Myers’ family says he just had a sandwich

Lab tests came back this week, and it turns out he did in fact fire on police. Nobody makes sandwiches with gunshot residue.

Ferguson protestors, on the flipside, have done a great job undermining their cause (whatever that is right now) by dragging an American flag on the ground at a university and <a href=””disrupting a St. Louis Symphony performance for no visible reason.

3.) Giffords. Gabby Giffords’ group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, was in New Hampshire for a panel discussion. The group is on a tour called “protecting all women”, but 1.) the location was announced with absurdly short notice and 2.) many pro-gun women were asked to leave.’s Kimberly Morin wrote:

Except Giffords wasn’t joined by all NH women leaders. There were no leaders from any women’s pro-2nd Amendment organizations invited. There were no NH women leaders from any of the gun owners’ organizations in the state. There were no women leaders from the Republican Party asked to the table and the very far left wing Zandra Rice Hawkins from Progress NH was invited.
Americans for Responsible Solutions, Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly are nothing but gun grabbing scam artists cut from the same cloth as Michael Bloomberg. It wasn’t surprising to discover that the majority of the money the PAC has received has indeed been from wealthy people who employ armed guards to protect their families but don’t want regular women to do the same.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.


This week, we have another set of updates to Midnight Run: Harassment, plus a bit of candor from Mark Kelly, and attempting to rationalize the behavior of an 11-time arrestee. Also, we finally have some resistance to the National Firearms Act.

Pretty strange week all told.

1.) Harassment: Threats. Harassment was the Midnight Run update about SWATting. System Update brought more material to the topic, and now we have yet more to cover on threats and harassment. First off, this bit from Guns Save Life. (Which is not affiliated with Guns Save Lives, an armed citizen news database.) Guns Save Life has a few choice cuts from Facebook and others about anti-gunners basically calling for open carriers to be shot, possibly killed. Interestingly, a lot of the comments have NOT been deleted from the Facebook pages of many anti-gun groups.

2.) Harassment: Crawford. With that, let’s return to SWATting Patient Zero: the case surrounding John Crawford III. Crawford was killed in a SWATting incident in Ohio, (full brief in Midnight Run: Harassment). This week, a group of armed protesters walked into that Walmart.

Also, as if the 911 tape being run side-by-side wasn’t enough, eyewitness accounts are contradicting the story of the SWATter, Ronald Ritchie.

Despite all this, a grand jury found no wrongdoing on the part of the police no word if Richtie will be facing any repercussions for his role in Crawford’s death.

3.) Candor. Mark Kelly, of the anti-gun group “Americans for Responsible Solutions” (yes, every anti-gun group must sound vague and meaningless) was oddly frank on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper. Ammoland writes:

Tapper then welcomed Kelly to the show and asked: “When you hear about ‘school shootings’ or other ‘mass shootings’ in public, what law can actually stop them?”
Kelly responded: “You’re never going to stop all of them.” He then he gave a pitch for the kind of expanded background checks and online firearm sales regulations that were contained in Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) failed gun control bill.

This is obvious to anybody who understands how criminals think, but it is interesting to hear from an anti-gun group, if nothing else.

4.) Dirt And Blood. Someone who has been arrested eleven times was shot and killed in an altercation with the NYPD this week. The suspect reportedly lunged at an officer with a knife. The mother of the suspect is saying there was no reason to shoot him, adding that “it’s not a gun, it’s not a big knife.”

Those of you who read Dirt and Blood already see what’s coming. Bearing Arms writes:

An edged weapon—even something as small as a paring knife or box cutter—can be incredibly lethal at close range in the right hands, and it isn’t the officer’s job to wait around to see if the man attacking him is an amateur or Jack the Ripper before opening fire.

Anything can be a weapon in the right hands.

With that, let’s shift gears to some good news.

5.) Bloomberg. When Michael Bloomberg pours money into your campaign, historically that is a clear sign you are in trouble. Bearing Arms also has a report out stating that Everytown has decided to “change Congress” by way of endorsing mostly incumbents for 2014. There’s no punchline here other than the news itself. Gun Control is doing so well it needs to make easy and “safe” endorsements.

6.) NFA Reform. While I would argue that the NFA shouldn’t be reformed but axed altogether, that is not all that likely to happen. While we wait for that freedom-based pipedream, has a report out about a group looking to “expand the right to own, sell, and use National Firearms Act items

One of the stated goals of the group, the NFA Freedom Alliance, is the removal of silencers and short-barreled rifles/shotguns from the NFA’s control.

Not everything this week was awful. There’s almost always an upside.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

Grab Bag 3

No real theme this week, but we have a lot of big stories. Yet another update to the thread started back in the Harassment update, the modern campus’ inability to acknowledge evil, and the NRA is blamed for the Ebola story. Plus, a year-in-review for gun rights.

1.) Harassment. Let us start off with yet another update to Midnight Run: Harassment. The Harassment update focused on SWATting; the practice of harassing/potentially killing innocent people by making them the focus of intense police force. Bearing Arms has a story out about Moms Demand Action supporters calling for the SWATting of people open carrying guns.

Pro-gunners advocate the use of force when being attacked.
Anti-gunners advocate the use of force when being disagreed with.

2.) Evil. There is an op-ed from Camille Paglia entitled “The Modern Campus Cannot Comprehend Evil.” The article is about how many people simply cannot acknowledge that some people would like nothing else but to harm others and how, arguably worse, many in academia try to shield people from this fact and explain it away somehow. It reads in part:

Too many young middleclass women, raised far from the urban streets, seem to expect adult life to be an extension of their comfortable, overprotected homes. But the world remains a wilderness. The price of women’s modern freedoms is personal responsibility for vigilance and self-defense.

As Guns Save Life notes, however, “it’s not just young women who don’t understand just how thin the veneer of civilization is – it’s both sexes.”

3.) Ebola. We aren’t interested in trafficking in fear around here. I’m not interested in scaring you, writing articles like tabloid “bombshell” pieces or anything like that. That all being said, some organizations have decided to use Ebola for their own purposes. MSNBC has blamed the Ebola story in the US….on the NRA. They claim that, because of the NRA’s opposition to ONE surgeon general candidate, the Ebola “outbreak” is due to the NRA.

This is not to downplay the seriousness of the virus, but rather to illustrate the lengths to which some “news” organizations are taking the story.

My advice for actual, hard news on the subject would be to follow the CDC’s Facebook page and Twitter feed. Their website is

Everyone else seems to be in it for the ratings.

4.) Recap.’s Mike Stollenwerk has a fantastic recap of the year in gun rights. He notes that, while pro-gunners have managed to take near-constant victories, anti-gunners have had to settle for conciliatory-yet-meaningless statements from various companies, bullying grocery stores, and the aforementioned calls for violence against their political opponents.

It’s not hard to see that contrast, is it? And it’s only going to get better in 2015. Moving on.

5.) Realtors. Last week, a woman named Beverly Carter, a real estate agent in Arkansas, was kidnapped and murdered. The suspect in the case, Arron Lewis, was supposedly targeted because she “worked alone”.

Realtors in Arkansas and elsewhere have taken the story as a wakeup call of sorts, and have begun to mull the concept of concealed carry. Bearing Arms writes:

Supporters of gun control have been quick to downplay the killing, pointing it out as an isolated incident… and to a point, they are correct.

Years can go by without a realtor being murdered while showing a home. There is, however enough danger in the profession that there areprofessioanl real estate agent security consultants to educate agents in the specific threats and threat mitigation strategies for the industry, and the consultant interviewed by CNN said that there have been at least six attacks on realtors this year prior to Carter’s murder, including a rape.

The fact that these attacks are isolated is irrelevant. The fact that they happen regardless isn’t.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.