An “unarmed teen with a sandwich” is found to have shot at the officer who killed him, Moms Demand Action calls on Kroger to ban guns after an armed robbery, and some notes from “Americans for Responsible Solutions.” A lot of people are clinging to very specific narratives, even while they are completely falling apart.

Not much happening this week worth covering, frankly.

1.) Kroger. Cognitive dissonance is defined as holding two conflicting opinions simultaneously. Moms Demand Action is an anti-gun group, and therefore is no stranger to the idea. (People commit crimes with guns, so ban guns from everyone else.) A man wearing a mask and armed with a handgun robbed a Kroger in Cincinnati this week, leading to MDA to call the robbery “a wake up call to Kroger’s leadership to prohibit the open carry of firearms in its stores.

Open Carry Texas notes that MDA is taking a second angle on this as well, tying the armed robber to everyone who open carries firearms. Because, following the “fear everyone” mindset, it is more worthwhile to assume the man with a gun is dangerous because “he just is.”

2.) St. Louis. Since the case against Ferguson officer Darren Wilson has been getting shakier by the week, the media and other race-baiters have been looking for a 2nd round they could go after to try and stoke more tensions. The case of Vonderrit Myers Jr. in St. Louis seemed to provide that. Vonderrit was killed after being shot 17 times by police. Police say that he shot at them, Myers’ family says he just had a sandwich

Lab tests came back this week, and it turns out he did in fact fire on police. Nobody makes sandwiches with gunshot residue.

Ferguson protestors, on the flipside, have done a great job undermining their cause (whatever that is right now) by dragging an American flag on the ground at a university and <a href=””disrupting a St. Louis Symphony performance for no visible reason.

3.) Giffords. Gabby Giffords’ group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, was in New Hampshire for a panel discussion. The group is on a tour called “protecting all women”, but 1.) the location was announced with absurdly short notice and 2.) many pro-gun women were asked to leave.’s Kimberly Morin wrote:

Except Giffords wasn’t joined by all NH women leaders. There were no leaders from any women’s pro-2nd Amendment organizations invited. There were no NH women leaders from any of the gun owners’ organizations in the state. There were no women leaders from the Republican Party asked to the table and the very far left wing Zandra Rice Hawkins from Progress NH was invited.
Americans for Responsible Solutions, Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly are nothing but gun grabbing scam artists cut from the same cloth as Michael Bloomberg. It wasn’t surprising to discover that the majority of the money the PAC has received has indeed been from wealthy people who employ armed guards to protect their families but don’t want regular women to do the same.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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