Election’s long over, time to set the stage for the next few months. This week, Constitutional Carry and Open Carry in Texas, Missouri law now prevents cities from banning open carry, Moms Demand Action claims to have momentum after the election somehow, and gun control moves to the State level. Brief, but some big stuff this week.

1.) Texas. In a move that probably gave Open Carry Texas more credit than their critics would want, two bills regarding Constitutional (i.e. permitless) and Open Carry were introduced this week. For its part, OCT is saying it will support the Constitutional Carry bill, not the one specifically dealing with Open Carry. This on the heels of Governor-elect Abbott’s almost immediate statement that he would sign whatever OC bill came to his desk.

(Before we get into the whole “you lose tactical advantage” thing, someone on OCT’s Facebook turned me onto an article laying out the case for open carry.

2.) Missouri. A new law in Missouri would also make OCT happy. The law essentially gives the state legislature power over the manner in which guns are carried, and bans cities from introducing their own bans on, for example, open carry.

3.) Denial. Despite crushing defeats in both the House and Senate, a GOP majority in both houses, the amazing success of NRA-backed candidates, and the overall shift against gun control in recent years, Everytown’s Mom’s Demand Action division says that gun control advocates still have momentum after the midterms.

4.) Dirt And Blood. Bearing Arms has a report out about the lethality of knives. In mid-October, none other than Massad Ayoob had a piece out on the “dangerous myth of hierarchy of lethality

While the massive Dirt and Blood had nothing to do with either post, they certainly reinforce it and are worth bringing up.

5.) Crime Stats. 2013 was an insane year for gun sales. Anti-gunner logic says that spike should have led to a surge in crime as well. The FBI has released a report that says crime actually fell in 2013, despite the record-breaking gun sales. (About 1,163,146 violent crimes. Roughly .37% of 316 million.)

6.) Midterm aftermath. With the GOP dominating both houses, the odds of gun control getting anywhere federally is practically nothing.

In terms of the state level, things might look a bit different. There is a piece in the New York Times entitled “Gun Control Can Win at the State Level” that discusses the anti-gun movement’s attempt to adapt to a federal stonewall. (Note that they don’t call it gun control but “gun safety.”

In PA, Democrats are looking to block a new law that gives the state legislature sole authority over the regulation of firearms and gives organizations like the NRA the right to help local citizens challenge gun laws cities attempt to pass that are tighter than the state law.

Allowing that outside firepower (pun intended) is what Democrats at least appear to object to. For now, the bill is slated to go live in January.

7.) Paranoia. Iowa Firearms Coalition. “WI School Cancels Vet’s Day Ceremony. Worried About 21 Gun Salute.” There isn’t a setup I could write that would do the stupid and paranoia justice. From the article:

School officials in one Wisconsin town have taken irrational fears of firearms to a new low. According to WEAU, the Eau Claire School District has cancelled their annual Veteran’s Day Program because they’re worried about “uneasiness” over the traditional 21 gun salute.

Keep in mind a Veteran’s Day 21 gun salute uses blanks. And those blanks are fired from show piece guns that are mechanically altered so that they can not fire real bullets. And keep in mind, that 21 gun salute, and those blanks, and those show piece guns are used by military veterans – men and women who would lay down their lives in service to others.

“There are just some conditions that we have to adhere to and the shooting of guns, even with blanks, is something we don’t feel is appropriate given society, and the concerns that we have and that the community has, on school premises.” Said Tim Libham, the Executive Director of Administration for the Eau Claire School District.

Veterans in the Eau Claire area have been performing this ceremony in the schools for more than 80 years. Kaye Olsen, the Vice President of the Eau Claire Patriotic Council says her group has now been forced to move their Veteran’s Day Program to a local Burger King.

You just can’t make this up.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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