Gun sales surge on Black Friday, NJ AG blocks “Smart Gun Law” from going into effect, and Wal-Mart shareholders get a say on the store’s gun sales. Also, Kroger announces record profits while Moms Demand Action continues a months-long exercise in futility.

Lots of stuff from the business world, but I’m going to keep it simple. Keeping it brief, too.

1.) Black Friday. Background checks for guns came in at an average of 3 per second on Black Friday. It is worth noting that how many checks and how many guns were sold are not the same thing, as one check could hold five guns. Naturally, as the Daily Caller shows, national media outlets were desperate for a way to spin such an incredible rate of purchase.

3 per second, 180 per minute, 10,800 per hour. If that rate kept for the entire 24-hour period, anywhere between 259,200 (assuming they were ALL single gun purchases) and 1,296,000 guns (assuming they were all FIVE gun purchases).

2.) Wal-mart. A judge has ordered Wal-Mart to allow their shareholders to determine whether the company will sell firearms. The lawsuit came from Trinity Church, which claims it’s not an anti-gun proposal but apparently refused to expand that to other products.

3.) Smart Guns. When the .22 (yes, .22) caliber Armatix handgun was released, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence sued the state of New Jersey to get an obscure law triggered that would make it the only legal gun in the state. The smart gun, Brady argued, would reduce crime by making it so that only “authorized” people could fire the gun.

The AG of New Jersey disagreed, arguing that the gun, by design, could be fired by anyone who had the watch needed to activate the gun. Steal the gun, steal the watch, and there is nothing stopping you.

In other words, a “smart gun” would only need to be exploited in a slightly more complicated way.

4.) Kroger. Despite a months-long “boycott” by Moms Demand Action From Everytown’s Mayors (complete with people claiming they have shopped for years at the stores….oblivious to their long-standing policy), Kroger announced record profits this week, which jumped 21% this quarter. The supermarket giant has made its policy clear roughly seven times: they follow the laws of the states they operate in. At one point this week, the gun control group targeted Fred Meyer, which is owned by Kroger and sells guns.

Not the best news for a group already struggling to prove it is relevant or powerful.

5.) Looking ahead. Finally tonight, a look at what the gun control movement’s up to after the November drubbing. According to the Washington Times, Mike Bloomberg is looking at taking the fight to about 12 states It is putting a lot of effort into expanding the “universal background check” system that passed in Washington state, as well as the so-called “gun violence restraining order” that would allow the guns of people “believed” to be a threat to have their guns confiscated by a court. (They can still have knives, though. It kind of renders the whole thing moot. The lethality of knives and fists was discussed back in Dirt and Blood, so no need to go through all that here.)

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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