State lawmakers launch a new gun control group after the election, Democrats apparently still set on gun control, and a new survey shows support for gun rights at an all-time high. Keeping it brief once again.

1.) Programming note. There are only two weekends I take off. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Next week we have a Midnight Run, but then we break once more for Christmas and to unwind. Launching a new blog, and getting a bit of attention from both anti- and pro-gun sites has made this a pretty big year for me.

Also, there are plans in the works for a few more special editions. Midnight Runs “Dirt and Blood” and “Debt” scratched the surface of their respective topics. There will be more of them in the new year.

Also, there have been quite a few developments in Campus Carry that I have been remiss in reporting on. They will be compiled into a Midnight Run set for early January.

So, to recap, I’m off the weekend after Christmas, and there is a lot more coming to update the discussions on both “Dirt and Blood” and “Debt.”

That out of the way, let’s get going.

2.) Nullification. South Carolina is the latest state to look into nullifying Federal gun laws. Senate Bill 126 looks to exempt any firearms, accessories, and ammo manufactured and maintained in the state from federal laws. In other words, any gun/accessory/ammo that is made in and doesn’t leave South Carolina.

3.) Control. On the flipside, and now that there is no election on the horizon, about 200 lawmakers from all 50 states have formed the “American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention”. Yet another gun control group, only “gun control” has been replaced with “gun violence prevention.” How these legislators look to prevent violence in general is anyone’s guess.

This is not the only story, as Bearing Arms has a report about Democrats in general clinging to gun control, even after their drubbing at the polls.

But it isn’t just the electoral issues that are making it already look like a lost cause.

4.) Support. A new Pew Research poll suggests that, two years after Newtown, there has been “A Shift In Favor of Gun Rights“. It is the first time in two decades that the poll has shown (or, considering it is a poll, suggested) that most Americans are starting to back gun rights and turn away from gun control efforts. This is in-line with other polls, showing a decrease in support for gun control.

One more Run, then that is it for 2014.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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