To the shock of absolutely nobody, not much has happened in the time between when we left and now. As such, we don’t have all that much to cover this week. Let’s keep it brief, let’s keep it simple. This week, ShallNot.org on the constitutionality of background checks, Ben Carson announces that he’ll soon make a decision on 2016, and a new poll suggests more Americans think government is the problem.

1.) Background Checks. There is a growing field in the gun rights movement that, not only are background checks ineffective, but they are flat-out unconstitutional. ShallNot.org, a relative newcomer to the scene, posted a thought-provoking brief on the topic this week, which reads in part:

First and foremost, the claimed “benefits” of background checks are irrelevant, because the feds don’t have the authority. The Second Amendment is pretty clear on their lack of authority, as we’ve written on this site previously.

But a lot of gun owners and so-called gun rights groups don’t see it that way. Not only are they supportive of background checks at a state level, but the federal level as well.

No other right in the Constitution requires a background check before you may exercise it. Some may say this is because owning a firearm can lead to violence, but this is silly. People can cause riots after speaking at a political rally, start religious cults that end in mass suicide, or say terrible things about other people on the Internet that can cause harm to one’s reputation.

As we saw in Ferguson, it isn’t hard to incite a riot with only words.

2.) Carson. Ben Carson, who has had something of a rough relationship with gun owners, says that he is close to a decision on whether he will run for office in 2016. Not much more to say there, other than Jeb Bush is also angling for 2016 for those of you who think a political dynasty is a good idea.

3.) Government. A new poll suggests something we may have been waiting a long time for. Many Americans think the biggest problem with America, is the government of America. It’s a small crack in the wall, and we all know that polls can be/generally are miserable samples….but at this point we will take them where we can get them.

4.) RKBS. Finally, 2 police officers are facing a lawsuit in Saratoga Springs, Utah after shooting 22-year-old Darrien Hunt. Prosecutors say that Hunt lunged at the two officers with a “samurai-type sword” and that the actions of the officers were reasonable and justified. Hunt’s family is saying that he was shot while fleeing and that he had a right to have the sword in public under the Second Amendment.

Believe it or not, “Knife Rights” has been entering the fold lately, complete with a National Journal bit that suggests a knife can be “just as lethal” as a gun.

Of course, regular readers already know that…..even if a lot of anti-gun groups don’t.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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