School Zone

I need to rectify something.

In the lead-up to HB60, there was a lot of activity on the campus carry front.

That didn’t happen in Georgia, but other states have continued to look at it.

And we haven’t covered that in ages.

This week, we fix all of that. With many state legislatures convening over the next few weeks, and with the new Congress seated, we can get back to work.

On tap this week, a Federal bill against “gun free schools,” Florida mulls a campus carry bill, and students speak out in favor of campus carry.

1.) Gun-free Schools. “Gun Free Zones” tend to be gun-free except for that one guy who is shooting everybody he sees. Name any school shooting of the last decade and the result is the same. One or two people entering a building and tearing it up, with nothing to stop them. Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) introduced a bill Friday that aims to repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act. The GFSZA was passed by George H.W. Bush and introduced by Joe Biden.

This is in line with the recent movement by ShallNot.Org, which yesterday teased on Facebook that they intend to go after the 1934 National Firearms Act.

2.) Florida. A bill to allow guns on college campuses was filed in Florida back in December. (Like I said….it has been a while since we looked at this.) The debate over guns on campus took center stage in Florida after an incident in November, when a man walked into the FSU library and shot and wounded three people. Weeks later, the group Florida Carry publicly argued that the shooting would have been mitigated if people had been allowed to carry guns on campus.

Their lead counsel, Eric Friday, debated representatives from the Florida chapter of Moms Demand Action November 24

Whereas Georgia was the center of attention last year, there is a lot of evidence that Florida will be the nucleus of the campus carry debate this year.

3.) Texas. Texas A&M’s student body seems to be going for campus carry as well. The university’s student body president signed a bill allowing for campus carry, which passed the Student Senate 39-12, with six abstaining from voting. The bill now goes to the university’s administration and, should it pass that, to the Texas legislature.

With that and a Constitutional Carry bill in the works, Texas may both be the center of the gun-rights movement this year and live up to its reputation as a gun-friendly state.

4.) Hysterics. Of course, the campus carry legislation will lead to the usual promises of bloodshed and violence everywhere. (HB60 was a lot of fun, wasn’t it fellow Georgians? Support for that thing was tantamount to support for mass shootouts at bars…which never happened. So to deal with that, we turn our attention to Illinois, which as you know recently went shall-issue. This was followed by the usual promises of bloodshed and “don’t you care about the children” false dichotomies that we’re used to.

As early as January 3, Illinois police called the passage of concealed carry in Illinois a, to use their words, “non-event.”

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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