The entire planet was at SHOT Show this week (and if they weren’t in Vegas for the SHOT Show, there were there for the porn convention, apparently). It should go without saying that there isn’t much gun news worth discussion, especially after last week’s mad-dash of legislation. We’ll keep it extremely brief both due to that and due to the insane amount of information I hit you with last time.

1.) Washington. has a story of some 2nd Amendment advocates holding a rally on the steps of the Capitol, which was fine by itself. When the protest went into the gallery, an altercation followed resulting in arrests.

This isn’t the same as what happened in Texas, where a group of people trying to “help” the cause basically threatened legislators on camera.

2.) SAFE Act. A New York gun dealer is blaming the state’s SAFE Act for forcing him to close two stores. Kordell Jackson, owner of Jackson Guns and Ammo, <a href=""told the Democrat & Chronicle that higher regulation, and the extra work involved therein only made a bad situation worse.

Incidentally, a SAFE Act sponsor was arrested on federal graft and corruption charges this evening.

3.) Kansas. Continuing with the legislation from last week, 26 Kansas senators are pushing to allow for concealed carry without a permit. Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce said that it doesn’t “make sense that in Kansas we allow for open carry without a permit but we refuse somebody to have the ability to carry a firearm concealed on their person.”

As we’ve seen, Constitutional carry seems to be the big story this year.

4.) Women. Finally this week, another report shows that women continue to be the driving force behind gun sales. Interestingly, some are giving credit to reality TV like “Duck Dynasty” and films like “Hunger Games” for helping this trend and, in a way, making hunting more mainstream.

This is nothing new, of course. Women have been the force behind the spike in gun sales for months now. It is good to see such a trend continue, however, as it makes the stereotype of the gun-owning, overweight white male redneck even more obsolete than it already is.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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