Grab Bag: January 2015

The “Gun Violence Restraining Order” is back from the dead, Kentucky residents can now apply for CCWs online and a blazing fast disarm ruins an armed robber’s plans. Keeping it brief once again.

1.) GVRO. The idea that if someone can’t get a gun they are suddenly pacified raised its head again this week, with an “extreme risk protection order” bill being introduced in Washington State. The bill, author and Washington State Senator Laurie Jinkins (D-Tacoma) says, would allow for the family members, doctors, etc. of a person to confiscate that person’s firearms if any of them believed he was going to seriously injure another person. The bill would also have provisions for people who file a false report to be criminally charged.

None of this, of course, deals with the problem at hand. Someone believed to be ready to injure another person by definition doesn’t care HOW they do it, so long as somebody gets injured for whatever reason. The bill also does not seem to give the target of the order any real due process until after the guns are confiscated.

2.) Online Application. How many of you would apply for or renew a CCW permit online? Kentucky has published the results of their efforts this relatively new idea. Most importantly, the online application system has reduced the wait time for permits from two months to somewhere in the region of 15 days.

3.) D.C. But, while one state is making applying for a permit blisteringly easy, other areas are doing exactly the opposite. Washington D.C., which has dragged its feet since the Heller decision way back in 2008, has finally started issuing permits. Right now, there are eight people in all of DC who have permission to carry. Eight.

4.) Nullification. For whatever reason, nullification continues to gain steam. This time we have news out of Montana about a nullification bill getting a redo in the state Legislature. Montana, of course, was one of the original Stand Your Ground states, which has since spread to roughly 33 states. Whether this will spread outward from Montana as SYG did remains to be seen.

5.) Smart Guns. attended the first “smart gun symposium” in Seattle, Washington this week. On the agenda were panels on the technology and the challenges smart guns faced, but everyone was, according to the website, “almost everyone involved steered very clear from any political action that might, in the slightest, indicate that the purpose for developing these technologies was tied to any form of gun control.” also noted that, despite being within minutes of where the symposium took place, nobody from the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms were invited. The event, meanwhile, was hosted by Washington Ceasefire (a gun control group) and the Washington Technology Industry Association.

6.) Disarm. A store clerk in England was held at gunpoint (yes, I know, “but they don’t have guns in England”), and managed to disarm the suspect in one ridiculously smooth motion. There is not much information on the case, but it is definitely worth your time.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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