Grab Bag: February 2015

Women continue to drive gun sales, The Bang Switch on why cops aren’t the only ones who need firearms, and a doomed push for magazine ammo limits on Capital Hill. Threads between the news are starting to get really difficult to find.

1.) Women. Markley’s Law is a term coined by either Linoge or Joe Huffman stating that, when an gun control advocate starts to lose a debate, he/she will invariably make some form of sexual innuendo. Basically, the implication is that the person only supports the ownership of firearms as a way of compensating for a small penis.

As of late, there has been one major issue with this (aside from the fact that sexual innuendo is the hallmark of a dead argument). The driving force behind the recent uptick in gun sales has been, and according to’s Dave Workman continues to be, women. In Washington state, for example, women hold roughly 23% of CCW permits in the state. Additionally, the National Shooting Sports Foundation says that “women are now the fastest growing segment in the shooting sports industry.”

If that continues, it should make the use of Markley’s Law increasingly awkward.

2.) “Only Cops Need Guns.” Matt of TheBangSwitch has a column out that takes aim at the argument “only cops need guns.” Matt, himself a cop, notes what should be obvious: no matter how much the police want to, they simply cannot physically protect you. Safety, in other words, is a personal responsibility (and as many legal cases have upheld, it most certainly isn’t theirs because it is physically impossible). The reality is that the numbers simply don’t add up.

The NYPD is one of the largest police organizations in the United States. I just checked their official website and according to that, the NYPD currently has approximately 34,500 cops. That is a huge number by any stretch of the imagination. BUT, let’s put that number in perspective. According to the most recent available census data (2011), NYC is 468 square miles and has a population of 8,244,910 people. Now for some arithmetic: 8,244,910 / 34,500 = 239 citizens per cop.

Read any apartment lease, any private business’ rules, or even a public institution’s rules. Generally you will see a pattern among all three; while they can take steps to lower the risk of crime occurring, they cannot be held responsible for crime and cannot prevent it.

3.) Ammo limits. For some reason, the idea of limiting the number of bullets in a magazine has taken root once again. A new bill in Congress seeks to limit the number of rounds in ANY magazine to no more than 10. The pretense, of course, is reducing the ability of a mass shooter to do more damage. It is worth noting that the rifle used by the Columbine shooters had a 10-round limit.

However, this bill is almost certainly going to fail with Republican domination in the House and Senate.

Interestingly, in Colorado, some Democrats have signed onto a bill to repeal magazine limits.

Whether that is an honest response to criticism or an attempt to set up something much larger remains to be seen.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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