There’s not much to cover here. Everyone’s either freezing or trying to debate the color of a dress while freezing.

This week, gun control advocates cave in Vermont, Brady Campaign backs down on some of its promises, and audio of Bloomberg’s racially-tinged comments finally surface.

1.) Vermont. The state that has been a constitutional carry state for years was never going to do it, and now gun control advocates have admitted that universal background checks are a dead issue in the state. Looking for the silver lining, Ann Braden of “Gun Sense Vermont” said “two years ago, there wasn’t any way any gun provision would be debated. This is a long-term campaign to really change the conversation, so we can pass legislation to keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

That’s incredibly optimistic, considering the general direction of the country away from restrictions on firearms. (The idea of parts of the Gun Control Act being struck down has been a pipe dream for years, and yet it happened just this month.)

2.) Pennsylvania. A law passed recently in the Commonwealth of PA allows for organizations like the NRA to sue municipalities for having gun laws that are more restrictive than the state law. When this first passed, groups like the Brady Campaign promised some municipalities that they would help defend the laws from lawsuits.

Then the lawsuits started happening, which has led to the groups saying they never made the promises at all.

3.) Bloomberg. Everytown/MDA/MIAG head Michael Bloomberg’s comments about essentially taking guns from minorities for their own good (his words not mine) have finally emerged in audio form after Bloomberg blocked the video of the comments from releasing. Bloomberg phrased his point by basically suggesting that, since minorities are responsible for most of the violence, taking guns from them would be in their best interests and stop them from killing each other.

It’s about as categorically racist as it sounds.

4.) Zimmerman. Finally this week, the Department of Justice has announced what everybody already knew and said they do not have enough evidence to bring charges against George Zimmerman for the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin. Andrew Branca, a self-defense attorney with what is easily the definitive timeline of the trial, also took some time out on Legal Insurrection to break some of the inevitably-resurfacing myths that continue to be parroted for political gain three years later. All of his work on the case should be required reading on the Internet before discussing the case. Mr. Branca has called the case the cleanest self defense shoot I’ve ever seen brought to trial, in 2+ decades of practice” and explains why with his insanely thorough coverage of the case on LI. Well worth the read if you have the time.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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