Deceptive language over the ATF ban, West Virgina hands Moms Demand yet another loss, and Arkansas gets its own HB60 of sorts.

1.) ATF. By now, you know that the ATF is looking to ban a popular type of 5.56 ammo; the so-called “green tip” M855 round. Anti-gun advocates have jumped on the bandwagon, describing the gun as armor-piercing. The White House has framed the issue (of course) as protecting the lives of law enforcement.

Couple of issues here. First off, if that’s the case, why is a particular (and coincidentally popular) round being targeted for the ban? Secondly, by the ATF’s own definition, the round is not armor piercing. The “ban” seeks, out of nowhere, to classify the round as armor piercing and then ban it.

Anti-gunners are quick to point out that the round can defeat soft police armor, but leave out that soft police armor is designed for handguns and will be defeated by any rifle round.

Putting all that aside, the executive director of the Washington office of the Fraternal Order of Police has come out against the ban saying that the round has not been an issue for police historically, and isn’t needed generally.

2.) West Virginia. If there’s one thing anti-gun groups don’t need right now, it’s another defeat. West Virginia’s Senate did not get this memo, passing a bill this week that would allow for permitless concealed carry.

3.) Michigan. Michigan revamped their CCW permit systems this week, essentially going from “may-issue” to “shall-issue.” Not much more to say there.

4.) Arkansas. A bill looking to allow guns at bars, polling places, and even the Capitol building was introduced in Arkansas this week, as if to complement the campus carry legislation already in play. The campus carry bill is limited to staff members of universities, not students however.

Of course, opponents of the campus legislation claim that the bill would make campuses more dangerous. Like they have for years.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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