Grab Bag – February 2015

Occasionally, I just need to throw a lot at the wall. I’m trying to keep it to once-monthly, however.
This week, an urgently-needed update on Georgia legislation, the 5.56 ban is dead (for the moment) and a note on campus carry in Florida.

1.) Georgia. I need to correct a few things. Let us discuss Georgia gun bills.
First off, I was wrong. There IS a Georgia Campus Carry bill. It’s HB544. Turns out it was introduced on March 3rd. The bill has six sponsors, excluding some major names from HB60. Georgia Carry supports this legislation, and to my knowledge the much louder Georgia Gun Owners has not said anything about it.
Elsewhere, Georgia Carry has posted a position on the GA Constitutional Carry Act of 2015, HB 543. They oppose it as introduced.
Their summary is as follows:

– Do away with license requirement for carrying a handgun in GA
– Makes GWL optional for GA residents in order to obtain reciprocity for states that require such
– Criminalize carrying of a firearm for everyone under 21
– Adds a burden of proving oneself to be a “law-abiding citizen”
– Does not expand places for anyone to carry firearms.

Both bills are still locked in committee. Quite frankly, both bills have miserable odds. Day 30 AKA “Crossover Day” is this Friday. It’s the last day any given bill has a realistic chance of getting out of its chamber, let alone passing both.
However, there is one bill that already has passed committee, and has strong support from Georgia Carry. That is HB 492, which seeks to refine a lot of the rough edges of HB 60. GA Carry’s summary is as follows:

– Clarifies that carrying in a government building is off limits as a nonlicense holder.
– Clarifies that carrying within 150′ of a polling place is off limits only during an election and when being used as a polling place.
– Clarifies that a renewal for a GWL is a renewal no matter what county issued the license.
– Adds definition of Armed Forces as used in Code Section 16-11-129
– Clarifies the type of proof required by a current or discharged member of the armed forces under 21 who applies for a GWL.
– Adds a provision for the courts to notify the Probate Court of a license holder who is convicted of a crime which would make the license holder ineligible for a license in order for the license to be revoked.
– Allows for the Probate Judge to verify the validity of a license via subpoena or court order.
– Changes the definition of weapon in 16-11-129 from that of 16-11-127.1

THAT is the one to watch this session. And out of the three, the only one with a reasonable shot at becoming law. 

 2.) AR Ban. The ATF, under huge heat from pro-gun organizations and everyone else who saw through the attempt at backdoor gun control, has pulled back on banning the M855 “green tip” 5.56 round.

It has gone away for now…..but democrats desperately want it back.

As many have suspected, the ATF director recently confirmed that the M855 round would be the first of many bans targeting the 5.56 caliber. 

 3.) Gun control. President Obama says that his commitment to gun regulations is as strong as ever. Apparently constant defeat is addictive. Not much more to say there.

4.) Ferguson. Yes, we’re back here. After the resignation of the Ferguson police chief, we saw the almost-requisite-at-this-point riots. Riots which, like the ones based on the “hands up don’t shoot” stuff (that was found to be a complete lie), are leading to an uptick in weapons sales around the area.

 Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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