Oregon Dems want “universal” background checks, Colorado wants to can some background checks, and Kroger reaffirms their policy on firearms. Not much going on worth covering, especially since we finally have desertion charges against Bergdahl.


1.) Oregon/Colorado. Democrats in Oregon are looking to follow the lead of their northern neighbor. They want to extend background checks to all sales except for family members, law enforcement, and inherited guns.

Because if there is one thing two criminals will do, it’s background check each other.

Meanwhile, Colorado’s Senate approved a repeal of the state’s “expanded” BGC law. Only problem is that it was in a Republican-controlled Senate headed to a Democrat-controlled House.

2.) New Jersey. Would you ever expect a class on actual gun safety (I.E. The Four Rules) to be taught in schools across the state of New Jersey?

Well, the mayor of one small town wants to do just that. Whether it would spread is anyone’s guess, but it would be interesting to see such an idea take hold in such an anti-gun state. It would also be fun to watch “gun safety” organizations oppose it.

3.) Kroger. Let’s be honest, Moms Demand Action has had a pretty horrid six months. From losses at multiple legislatures (including Texas, where Shannon Watts moved the goalposts for the sake of saving PR, to a long series of futile efforts to get guns banned at various places.

One such place that MDA refuses to leave alone is supermarket giant Kroger. For the last half-year, they have been trying to get the company to change a policy that has been in place for years. Because research and critical thinking are taboo in “modern” America, a lot of their supporters are acting as though the company’s policy of adhering to the laws of the places their stores operate in is new. (It has also led an amusing people announcing their intention to boycott Kroger while living in a place that doesn’t have a Kroger within 100 miles.)

Speaking with CNBC, Kroger’s CFO reaffirmed the company’s policy of following the law saying they think such fights are best waged in the legislature.

Kroger’s CFO certainly isn’t in any danger of losing his job, as the company’s stock price has been rising on the heels of both a “boycott” and four straight quarters of stunning growth.

That being said, Kroger has said for months that Moms Demand should go to the legislature, which would mean go to the voters since voters determine the legislature. For such a strong grassroots group, they have shown no interest in actually changing the laws, preferring to go for bullying tactics.

Hopefully they keep that up, though. It seems to be working great for everyone else.

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