Grab Bag: April 2015

Gun news becomes a bit repetitive after a time. It’s a specific genre that, when slow, is borderline glacial.

Rather than trying to find a theme and stick to it, we’re going to focus on topics other than firearms, but not disregard it entirely.

This week, a look at manufactured outrage (and the new standard of “comedy”), a Constitutional Carry bill is signed into law, and a note on the old talking point of how the GOP is a supporter of low taxes.

1.) Outrage. Death threats, outrage, and misplaced anger. It’s the new standard of American debate, apparently. We saw that twice this week, first with the Tolerance Mob attacking a mom-and-pop store in Indiana to the point where the family that owns it is in hiding. The second is when Tweets of the man slated to take over The Daily Show resurfaced (read: were dug up for the sake of outrage) in the media.

There is a brilliant piece in Time Magazine by comedian Jim Norton about what he rightfully calls our addiction to outrage. It reads in part:

People say that Americans trends are transient, but the one activity we never seem to tire of is being outraged. Boy, do we love it! We simply can’t seem to get enough of that rush we feel when something offends us. It’s like the dopamine drip we get from that first drink or the first drag of a cigarette after getting off a cross-country flight. And what is our favorite thing to be outraged over? Well, it’s certainly nothing petty, like homelessness, or the fact that every single person we elect to public office is a manipulative, groveling, poll-obsessed liar. Nope. We’re not stupid enough to waste our energy on such nonsense. We save our collective outrage for the really important stuff, like things comedians say.

2.) Constitutional Carry. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has signed off on a bill law making Kansas a Constitutional Carry state. The law comes online July 1st of this year, plenty of time for the wild-west, blood-in-the-streets shootout we keep hearing will happen to not happen for the 28th straight year. Asked why training should not be required, Brownback said ““We’re saying that if you want to do that in this state, then you don’t have to get the permission slip from the government. It is a constitutional right and we’re removing a barrier to that right.”

3.) Sine Die! A disgrace of a Georgia General Assembly session closed this week, with the flagship disaster being a massive tax hike passed by both Republican-dominated chambers and with Gov. Deal (also a Republican) promising to sign the legislation. The bill brings a $0.26/gal tax ($0.29/gal for diesel), a $200-$300/year electric car fee, a $5/night hotel tax, among other gems.

I bring this up to demonstrate that party does not matter. The Democrats are almost non-factors in the Georgia legislature. This was created, passed, and therefore owned by the Republican Party of Georgia.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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