Convention 2015

The NRA Convention brings a few dozen protestors, CCW surges among American blacks, and a quick note from the archives about social justice.

1.) Protests at NRA Nashville. MDA Protest

Thank you to for the image of the Moms Demand protest, click pic to embiggen, original link is here, let’s move on.

2.) Restrictions. Republicans are riding the 2014 wave and using it to roll back numerous restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. This ranges from Constitutional Carry, to allowing Open Carry, to expanding where a person is allowed to carry.

There hasn’t been much action in opposition, which considering the clearly visible strength of the anti-gun movement (as shown in that picture from Nashville) that isn’t entirely shocking, either.

3.) CCW in the Black Community. Gun control’s roots are traced back to keeping American slaves (i.e. blacks) in-line and taking out any chance they had at overthrowing their “owners.” There is a great article about that in TheBlaze and, if you want to sample some of the Deep South history on that vein, there’s a document by Georgia Carry exploring the racist roots of Georgia’s gun laws.

I bring all this up to illustrate one hell of an irony in that context. Namely, concealed carry among black people is surging.

4.) Social Justice. All That Remains frontman Philip Labonte posted CollegeHumor’s now-classic take on “social justice.” In the context of the recent outrage extravaganza regarding both the new Daily Show host and the pizza shop in Indiana, I felt it was worth sharing both because of its relevance and as a humorous aside to mock the Social Justice Warrior community. Only in America can we have a group of people who spend every waking minute actively looking for things to get offended about.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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