Business and Bystanders

Moms Demand relaunches a boycott of Kroger, attempts to ban the sale of guns at Wal-Mart fail, and a story about the Bystander Effect and the oft-touted “civil” society many anti-self-defense types claim we live in.

1.) Kroger. Breitbart has an article out about Moms Demand Action launching a boycott against Kroger. I promise it’s recent. (Admittedly, the previous boycott was great for Kroger shareholders, so it’s not entirely a bad thing.) Moving on.

2.) Wal-Mart. Another publicly traded giant was sued in court by Trinity Church, which owns about 3,500 shares of the company, in an effort to ban the sale of firearms at stores owned by the company. This week, a Federal appeals court blocked the church’s efforts. Wal-Mart’s attorney in the case “said that allowing shareholders to micro-manage would inhibit growth,” according to

By the way, Trinity owns 3,500 shares…out of the over 3 billion shares the company has outstanding. In other words, Trinity has about .00011663% of the total shares.

3.) Oregon. In other, not corporate news, an Oregon sheriff has already gone on-records saying he won’t enforce the universal background check law. His reasoning is simple; the law can’t be enforced.

Besides which, under the Brady Act, NICS can only be accessed by licensed FFLs. Unauthorized use of the system carries criminal prosecution and a baseline fine of $10,000. In other words, to follow this State law, you have to break Federal law. One would reasonably argue that a sane person wouldn’t want to dance with the Feds in that manner. How ironic it would be to have “broke into the background check system” come up on a background check……

4.) Bystander Effect. The Bystander Effect is the strange (seemingly modern) phenomenon of people gathering to witness a crime being committed while doing absolutely nothing to prevent it from either being done or getting worse. As People Magazine shows us, this has updated to where people would rather record a rape of a college student with their cell phones then intervene on behalf of the student.

I bring this up for multiple reasons. 1.) it infuriates me, 2.) It flies in the face of the narrative that we live in a “civilized” society. A “civilized” people wouldn’t stand by and watch (and most certainly would not record it for the sake of YouTube views), and 3.) it brings up a point that you can’t necessarily rely on the people around you for your own safety. As noted back in the Dirt and Blood update, many would much prefer to watch you get attacked and record it than actually do anything to help you.

If the recent “outrage” mob stories, which saw peoples’ lives ruined/threatened for “incorrect” opinions wasn’t enough, stories like that one should show you that our society is anything but civilized.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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