States Fights 3

4 major events in State legislatures. Let’s get to them…however briefly.

1.) Minnesota. A bill legalizing suppressors in Minnesota passed the Senate by a 40-23 vote. The bill now heads back to the House with some changes, although the House version passed its chamber by a 89-40 vote. With bipartisan support no less.

There’s just one issue. The Governor has threatened a veto.

2.) Missouri. Not that it matters, as Missouri has shown. Just today, the Missouri senate overrode a veto by Governor Jay Nixon. The new law expands open carry (and gives the state legislature sole authority over same, nullifying any municipal attempt at defying the law), lowers the permit age to 19, and allows schools to train employees to carry on the job.

3.) South Carolina. A bill to revamp concealed carry passed the SC House in a bipartisan 90-18 vote. An amendment establishing permitless carry (in other words, constitutional carry) also passed with an 80-21 vote. In short, the House of South Carolina is strongly in favor of gun rights, across both parties.

4.) Colorado. Finally, remember that expanded background check law in Colorado? The one that was part of a sweeping gun control package?

Turns out the Colorado Senate approved repealing that law.

Senate Dems were strongly against it, saying it would make it easier for felons to buy firearms. 2 things there. 1.) If they are too dangerous to have a gun, why are they out in the first place? 2.) What makes anyone think that a person hell-bent on committing crime will not do one particular action because that action would be illegal?

There’s probably an essay on felons and gun rights somewhere in there….

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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