Grab Bag: May 2015

The latest attempt at fear-mongering over campus carry, a look back at the Chicago Uber DGU, and Tennessee gets a lifetime handgun permit.

1.) Campus Carry. Seemingly out of nowhere, anti-campus carry types have started claiming that, if campus carry passes, students will threaten to kill their professors over grades. In other words, the campus carry bill would somehow legalize murder.

It is, as Breitbart states, “just the latest in a series of random, desperate arguments against law-abiding citizens carrying guns on campus for self-defense.”

2.) Nashville. One more note on the horrid Moms Demand Action protest in Nashville.

3.) Tennessee. A new law allowing for a $500 lifetime permit was signed this week by Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam. The permit removes the renewal fees, but a background check will still be performed every five years. It passed the state House 90-3, state Senate 30-2.

4.) Vermont. A new report shows that gun control groups in Vermont outspent the NRA 5 to 1….and still lost on their treasured legislation, namely universal background checks.

5.) “Accidental deaths.” Finally this week, a story breaking over Breitbart. A new CDC study shows that, for 2013, there were 70 times more car accident fatalities than gun accident fatalities. There were, according to the CDC, 35,369 car accidents that resulted in fatalities.

The treasured statistic of anti-gunners is the idea of 30,000 “gun deaths” annually. (Although 2/3s of those are suicides, the rest are either homicides or DGUs.) In other words, more people died by car on accident than by gun on purpose.)

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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