Dems still looking for backdoor gun control, the NRA-ILA on the recent “cars vs. guns” stories, and two major gun control laws are coming to a close for being simply ineffective.

1.) Ammo Ban. They couldn’t ban “green tip” ammo, they couldn’t sue Armslist or LuckyGunner, now Dems are looking at banning online sales altogether among other ideas being floated around by about 31 House Dems. The bill, which is uniquely candid in its name, is called the “Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act.” In addition to banning online sales altogether, it would require ammo vendors to be licensed by the government, and require all ammo sales to be done in person.

The claim, of course, being that banning all gun sales will stop the “epidemic of gun violence” that Dems promise exists, even though homicides (and crime in general) are at record lows while America ranks 11th in overall homicide rate. It is also sold as “common sense legislation” because that’s basically mechanical at this point.

The odds of it getting through the Republican Congress rank up there with the odds of Stand Your Ground being repealed in Georgia.

2.) Cars and Guns. A new craze in the media has been attempting to claim that more are dying by guns than by cars. Here in Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution tried this only to have their attempt at it disemboweled by WYAY’s Michael Graham.

The NRA-ILA has come out against this, using the CDC’s recent stats (previously discussed here on the Run in this month’s Grab Bag) that America saw 70 times more car accidents than gun accidents. It is not worth re-treading that on the Run, but it is worth checking out the NRA’s take on this bizarre and mathematically-challenged attempt to prop up the “gun violence epidemic” that isn’t there.

3.) Jersey. has two big stories for us. The first from New Jersey, where legislators are considering scrapping an archaic and never-enforced law that made smart-guns essentially the only legal form of firearm in the state once smart guns became practical.

Of course, they never did and never can serve their stated purpose, so legislators are considering canning the mandate. This law went largely unmentioned by gun control advocates, despite the obvious vested interest in seeing smart guns come to market under this law.

Additionally, the founder of Armatix, which produced the much-hyped “smart gun” lost its founder and is facing upwards of of $16 million in debt.

Not the best of weeks for the smart gun.

4.) Maryland. Moving to Maryland, now. The State has scrapped a law lauded by gun control supporters….because it never actually worked. writes:

Now law, Senate Bill 736 repeals the current mandate adopted in 2000 that requires handgun makers and dealers who sell guns in the state to forward shell casings from each of their pistols or revolvers to the Maryland Department of State Police Crime Laboratory, where they would be placed on file. Further, the law authorizes the DSP in October to dispose of barrels of shell casings currently on hand or waiting to be processed and reassign personnel performing duties related to the cases to other duties inside the Forensic Services Division.

As envisioned 15 years ago, the shell casings were to be a part of an imaging database that would record the unique features on the case and store them for cross-referencing against casings found at crime scenes. The reason for the scrapping of the system, according to an analysis by the Maryland General Assembly presented to lawmakers, was that it just didn’t work.

With luck, just about every other ineffective gun law will meet the same fate.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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