System Update 2

Massive updates to last year’s Midnight Run: Debt, plus breaking campus carry news from Oklahoma, and the introduction of true gun safety classes to Louisiana schools.

1.) Transfer. This week, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that felons at least have the right to determine what happens to the firearms they own at the time of their conviction. The majority opinion was written by Justice Kagan.

2.) Misdemeanors. Meanwhile, a representative in California wants to mark the anniversary of the Santa Barbara attack by adding a few misdemeanors to the list of crimes barring gun ownership. The misdemeanors include possession of ammo on school grounds, dealing in firearms without a license (presumably private sales, basically) petty theft involving a firearm, and selling ammunition to someone under 21.

I would like to note that my InSov colleague Catty Conservative called this misdemeanor expansion MONTHS ago. Anti-gunners have previously claimed that they only supported bans on VIOLENT misdemeanors. Turns out they just wanted to start there.

This, as Breitbart rightly points out, overlooks the fact that the man behind the attack killed half of his victims with a knife.

3.) Gun safety. A bill to add “firearm safety and accident prevention training” sailed through the Louisiana House this week. The bill, which passed in a 93-3 vote, “allows for public school districts to allocate time and funding to administer gun safety lessons modeled after the National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe program and fold such instruction into existing curriculum. While the bill allocates no funds, a fiscal note prepared with the legislation outlines that grant monies may be available,” according to notes that one of the three voting against the bill, Rep. Barbara Norton of Shreveport, said “there any many parents who don’t even allow their children to touch a gun or even see a gun.” How this should stop a bill teaching everyone gun safety is beyond anyone’s understanding.

It’s worth noting that none of the supposed “gun safety” groups have either supported the bill, or come up with gun safety classes of their own.

4.) Oklahoma. A new law signed by Oklahoma’s Governor Mary Fallin allows schools to designate employees as “reserve officers” able to carry firearms on campus. The bill passed the House 84-2 and the Senate 40-5.

5.) Texas. While it seems to be held up by a clerical error at the moment, Open Carry Texas’ CJ Grisham has plenty to celebrate this weekend. Licensed open carry has passed in some manner in both houses. Breitbart leans more on the side that it is now being sent back to the House, but considering the support it had from the House it seems to be within inches of passing.

Now, if you are reading this and are from Texas, you should study the text of Georgia’s HB60 (one year old starting July 1st) and copy it almost verbatim.

Stay alert. Stay informed. Stay free.

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